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Tech Front: Nanotube Soldering Process Creates Tiny Electrical Pathways

Edited by Senior Editors Patrick Waurzyniak and Ellen Kehoe


Scientists at the University of Illinois (Champaign, IL) have devised a way to heal gaps in tiny wires too small for the smallest soldering iron. A research team, led by electrical and computer engineering professor Joseph Lyding and graduate student Jae Won Do, has published its results in the journal Nano Letters. Full Article

Scaling Down Waterjets to the Micro Level

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Shrinking an abrasive waterjet machine down to work at micro sizes is no small task. Adapting abrasive waterjets for micromachining requires greatly reducing the size of the waterjet nozzles and mixing tubes that carry smaller garnet abrasives through the waterjet’s high-pressure cutting tool delivery system. Full Article

Nano Molding and Tooling

Peter Szewczyk, Project Engineer, Dynomax Inc.


The growing need for nano and micro components in the medical industries is challenging manufacturers to continually improve upon their manufacturing processes and take a scientific approach to injection molding and tooling. Micro and nano products pose significant engineering and manufacturing challenges from the standpoint of tool design, production, and processing to ultimately achieve a quality part ready for end use. Full Article

Small Victory at Makino

Michael C. Anderson Senior Editor


The company’s Micromachining Conference and Technology Expo—both held at their Auburn Hills, MI, tech center last week, show the cutting—and burning—edges of micro manufacturing. Full Article

Micro-Molding Thin-Walled Devices

Donna Bibber, President and CEO, Micro Engineering Solutions


Micro machining of micro molds nowenable thin-walled micro injection molding in thermoplastic, silicone, and metal Full Article

MicroManufacturing: A Technology Full of Surprises

Lauralyn McDaniel, Industry Manager--Medical, Manager, Innovation Watch, MicroManufacturing, Medical Manufacturing Innovations, SME


Micromanufacturing continues to amaze me. As the event manager for SME’s MicroManufacturing Conference, I have worked with professionals in the field for more than 10 years, yet each year, I am surprised at the latest use of micro technologies. Full Article

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