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Connecting the Digital World with the Factory Floor

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


The classic manufacturing conundrum is how to make products quicker, cheaper, and better. Product lifecycle management (PLM) software attempts to help manufacturers answer that question with an approach that enables builders to produce higher-quality parts with improved designs that are more easily manufactured at competitive prices, all while drastically compressing the design-to-manufacturing cycle to beat the competition to market. Full Article

Additive Joins Subtractive on Advanced All-in-One Machines

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


The path of precision machining has taken a decidedly unexpected change in direction. Yes, machining centers, in their various configurations of horizontal, vertical, and universal, continue to hold their preeminent positions in shops for their ability to create value-added benefits to individual workpieces or parts in serial production. Full Article

Mitsui Seiki Joins GE Aviation in Developing Advanced Aircraft Engine

Mitsui Seiki


Mitsui & Co., parent company of Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc., has agreed to become a key strategic partner in the development of the lightweight and powerful GE9X aircraft engine for the next generation of wide-body airplanes, the latest offering in the GE90 engine family manufactured by GE Aviation, an operating unit of General Electric Co. Full Article

Georgia Seeds the Future for UAS

R. Steven Justice, P.E.,Director, Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace


The aftermath of Amazon’s announcement to use unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in package delivery has the nation buzzing about how UAS will be used in the near future. Given the significant safety and privacy concerns of UAS use in highly populated areas, the consensus within the industry is that the first commercial applications of UAS is not in delivering your latest shopping order to your doorstep, but rather in agriculture. Full Article

The Aerospace Precision-Machining Race

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


That huge backlog of aircraft being recorded by the global giants Boeing and Airbus, along with a lengthening list of regional aircraft, is stretching the supply chain’s capabilities to machine the newest difficult-to-machine materials. Components must rotate faster, run hotter, and burn cleaner for new jet engine designs that are claimed to be 20% more fuel-efficient. Engines and designs that are structurally lighter are being developed, using advanced materials that challenge existing manufacturing processes. Full Article

Picking Up the Pace in Aerospace Production

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


New automation solutions have aerospace production humming, with automated-guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile robotics solutions helping aerospace and defense builders meet demanding production schedules for delivery of new commercial and military aircraft. To achieve production goals on big projects like the recently stepped-up Boeing 777X program, manufacturers increasingly deploy new automation both for building aircraft components and to speed up final assembly operations. Full Article

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