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On the Horizon in Aerospace Manufacturing

Michel Tellier VP, Aerospace & Defense Industry Dassault Systèmes Dearborn, MI


Looking ahead, Dassault Systèmes sees the A&D industry using technology to solve increasingly acute challenges while pursuing new opportunities. Full Article

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

Press Release - NASA


New findings from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars. Using an imaging spectrometer on MRO, researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet. These darkish streaks appear to ebb and flow over time. They darken and appear to flow down steep slopes during warm seasons, and then fade in cooler seasons. Full Article

Aerospace Manufacturing Process Makeovers

Edited by Senior Editor Michael Anderson from information provided by CNC Software Inc.


Reducing operations, adding dynamic material removal improves CNC productivity Full Article

Pitt Researcher Receives nearly $800,000 from DOT NETL for Additive Research

PRESS RELEASE University of Pittsburgh


PITTSBURGH Engineers at the University of Pittsburgh are leading a national research effort to utilize additive manufacturing in developing stronger coatings for materials used in harsh environments, such as the super-heated interior of a gas turbine. Minking Chyu, PhD, Leighton and Mary Orr Chair Professor of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, will lead the Pitt researchers, who received a cooperative agreement totaling $1,015,490, including $798,594 from the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and $216,896 in matching funds from Pitt. Full Article

Michelin Group and Fives Join Forces To Become a Major Metal 3D Printing Player



Michelin and Fives today announced the creation of a joint venture aimed at developing and marketing industrial machines and production shops on a global scale via metal additive manufacturing technology commonly known as metal 3D printing. Full Article

Grinding Gamma Titanium Aluminide

Andrew Biro, Research Engineer Philip Varghese, Advanced Applications Engineer Saint-Gobain Abrasives


Titanium aluminides possess many characteristics that make them highly attractive for high-temperature structural applications in automotive and aerospace industries. Their high specific strength, high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance relative to conventional titanium and nickel alloys make them beneficial for use in low-pressure turbine blades for aerospace engines. Saint-Gobain Abrasives has been researching and developing new grinding technology to use with these intermetallics.

Full Article

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