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NanoSteel Delivers Advanced Automotive Steel to GM



PROVIDENCE, R.I., April 21, 2016—NanoSteel®, a leader in nanostructured steel materials, today announced the delivery of its first advanced high strength steel (AHSS) to General Motors for initial testing. Designed to provide automakers with a new standard in material performance, the sheet steel is poised to accelerate vehicle lightweighting initiatives focused on affordably meeting rising global fuel-economy regulations. Full Article

Joining Remotely

Jim Rappl, Product Manager, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


Efficiency, safety and profitability are important to any company, but especially to a welding operation in shipbuilding. In addition to general best practices and welding operator training, there are equipment advancements that can help meet quality and production goals, while also helping keep welding operators safer on the job. Remote control welding technology is one of those advancements. Full Article

High-Tech Lasers at Hi-Tek Manufacturing

Edited by Senior Editor Michael Anderson from information provided by Prima Power Laserdyne


“Constantly improving,” is a term Cletis Jackson, president, and Gary Griessmann, vice president and engineering manager, might refer to when they talk about the future of Hi-Tek Manufacturing Co. (Mason OH). Founded in 1980, successful and rapidly growing Hi-Tek Manufacturing has invested consistently and heavily in the latest and best capabilities to address the complex and changing needs of their customers in the aerospace and gas turbine industries. Full Article

ESAB Launches Rebel, A Multi-Process Welding System That Provides Industrial Quality Arc Performance



Florence, SC – ESAB today introduced the Rebel EMP 215ic, a 120V-230V, CC/CV welding system that offers true multi-process arc performance, location flexibility, lightweight portability and a groundbreaking operator interface. A unique sMIG (“smart MIG”) function enables users to begin MIG welding – with an extremely stable arc – just by setting metal thickness and wire diameter. Unlike competitive units, there is no need to enter information for shielding gas mix. Full Article

Advanced Joining and Forming is Crucial for US Manufacturing

Hyunok Kim Forming Center Technical Director Tom McGaughy Director of Technology Structural Integrity and Materials Evaluation EWI


Materials joining and forming are essential cross-cutting technologies, contributing around $200 billion in value to US-manufactured products annually. The automotive industry relies heavily on materials joining and forming technologies. Full Article

OMCO Adds Three Roll Forming Lines to Southeast Facility; Triples Workforce at Plant

Press Release - OMCO


OMCO, the largest manufacturer of custom roll formed parts in the United States, has announced the expansion of its Talladega, Alabama, facility. Three new roll forming lines have been installed at the plant, increasing OMCO’s corporate-wide capacity to over 50 active roll forming mills. The facility was acquired along with the purchase of Weaver & Sons, Inc. in August of 2014. Since the acquisition, the plant’s workforce has more than tripled. Full Article

FABTECH 2015 Special Events Feature Manufacturing Leaders and Innovators

Press Release - SME


FABTECH 2015, North America’s largest collaboration of technology, equipment and knowledge in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries, has assembled a lineup of impressive keynote presentations, industry panel sessions and special events for the four-day event, taking place Nov. 9-12 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Speakers and expert panel participants will come from companies such as Dell, GE Ventures and more. Full Article

August Manufacturing Technology Orders Slide: AMT

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


US manufacturing technology orders slid, the Association for Manufacturing Technology said today, another sign of a slowing manufacturing sector. Such orders totaled $285.92 million in August, down 10% from July. Full Article

FABTECH 2015 to Offer a Robust Lineup of Education Sessions at Chicago's McCormick Place

Press Release - SME


FABTECH 2015, North America's largest collaboration of technology, equipment and knowledge in metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries will offer more than 100 education sessions at this year's event. The targeted technical, operational and managerial discussions are designed to help attendees gain knowledge from industry leaders and explore the latest technology and industry advancements. More than 40,000 manufacturing professionals are expected to attend the four-day event, Nov. 9-12 at Chicago's McCormick Place. Full Article

Robotic Welding Fills Skills Gap with Quality Production

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


The decision to adopt robotic automation for welding cells is getting easier every day. There are any number of manufacturing considerations influencing that decision, including quality, productivity, and consistency of the weld. Today, however, the key driver is the lack of skilled welders available to fill the requirements of shops both large and small. Though at first glance shops may be put off by their cost and the idea that robots are difficult to program, they soon learn that robotic controls are easier than ever to program and that in the long run it’s easier to train someone to operate the robot than it is to find qualified welders and support their very human health, safety, and employment costs. Full Article

Custom Fabricator Cuts Stainless to Perfection

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Ulrich Planfiling Corp. (Lakewood, NY) is a custom fabricator of sheetmetal products that has developed its manufacturing and engineering capabilities producing its own proprietary product, the Ulrich Planfile vertical document filing system. Six years ago, Ulrich adopted Mitsubishi Laser cutting technology and a year ago updated to the latest precision laser cutting machine, a Mitsubishi 3015eX-45CF-R laser with 4500-W resonator from MC Machinery (Wood Dale, IL). Full Article

How Medtronic in Mexico Ran (Nitinol) Rings around Competitors

Senior Editor Michael Anderson


In his WESTEC Keynote, Medtronic VP Mexico Operations Gerardo de la Concha described how a uniquely empowered task force was able to develop an endovascular Nitinol ring at a fraction of the old cost. Full Article

IBISWorld: Decline in US Manufacturing Has Been Relative

Press Release - IBISWorld


The demise of American manufacturing has become a familiar headline. Technological change, deregulation, outsourcing and increasingly competitive foreign producers all continue to do their part in hollowing out the US industrial base. For instance, over the 10-year period to 2015, manufacturing’s share of the US economy (as measured by value added*) is expected to fall from 10.7% to 8.1%. Similarly, US manufacturing employment is anticipated to fall 15.6% over the same period. Full Article

New TRUMPF App for Punching

TRUMPF press release


The PunchGuide app, created by TRUMPF, simplifies many calculations and supports users of punching and combination punch laser machines. Full Article

Manufacturing Hub LIFT Announces First Project

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


A Detroit based group that’s part of an initiative of the Obama administration to speed development of advanced manufacturing announced its first project. It involves iron alloys and reducing the amount of metal needed to make parts. Full Article

Volkswagen and Gestamp Expand Chattanooga Partnership

Press Release - Volkswagen


Volkswagen Group of America, Chattanooga Operations, LLC (Volkswagen Chattanooga) and Gestamp, a company that designs, develops and manufactures metal components and assemblies for the automotive sector, announced today that their partnership for metal parts stamping in Tennessee will grow and the commitment will lead to more than 500 additional jobs in Chattanooga. Full Article

TRUMPF Shines a Light on Newest Tech at Open House

Michael C. Anderson, Senior Editor


TRUMPF Inc. held an Open House at their Laser Technology Center in Plymouth, MI on June 2, which featured demonstrations of high-speed 3D cutting, precision welding and marking and robotic welding and cutting. When David Havrilla, manager, Products and Applications, was asked by a participant, “what is your newest and coolest technology,” he pointed without hesitation at the TruLaser Cell 8030. Full Article

Shedding Light on Solar System Installation

Marios Lambi, BASF Performance Materials


It’s no secret that the process of converting metal to plastic brings many benefits such as greater design freedom, part consolidation and mass reductions. But for many, this replacement of materials brings doubt. Specifically, there's a misconception that a plastic material's performance cannot easily be predicted like that of steel of aluminum. At BASF, we are virtually eliminating those fears by introducing Ultrasim, a predictive technology tool, into the product development of parts molded using BASF materials. Full Article

Laser Technologies Offer a Growing Array of Choices

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


Lasers first started making a significant impact for manufacturing in the early to mid 1970s. Since then, a number of advances, both evolutionary and revolutionary, have made lasers a common tool of choice for applications such as cutting, welding, drilling, brazing, and cladding. They are often easier to automate than many of their mechanical competitors. No moving part contacts the metal, so no tool wears out that needs replacement. Full Article

Shop Solutions: Welding Training System Gives Instant Feedback

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


ALMACO (Nevada, IA) uses the LiveArc welding performance management system to provide immediate training feedback to welding operators to track their performance—both in the simulation and live welding modes, allowing them to correct issues quickly. ALMACO is a manufacturer of custom-built agricultural equipment such as combines and planters for the seed research industry.  Full Article

Machinery Show Highlights China’s Changing Manufacturing

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


A large machinery show last week demonstrated how manufacturing is changing in China. The show had a theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing Changes the Future.” It may be a future that’s not far off. Full Article

Fabricating Success at Clinton Industries

Edited by Senior Editor Michael Anderson


With rising material costs, government regulations, and customers resisting price increases, today there is no room for waste in the metal fabrication supply chain. Here's how one medical OEM partnered with a custom metal fabricator to improve efficiencies.
Full Article

Welding Aids Freezing for Zeltiq

Edited by Senior Editor Michael Anderson


When the medical device manufacturer Zeltiq had trouble producing its revolutionary new fat-freezing product for the “CoolSculpting” process, they brought it to Electron Beam Engineering Inc. (EBE), for a simplified design and an improved welding process. Full Article

Forming and Fabricating Research Roundup

Senior Editor Ellen Kehoe


As one of the three original topic areas (with material removal and manufacturing systems) for the North American Metalworking (later Manufacturing) Research Conference (NAMRC), and as a perennial focus that continues to evolve, material forming has a solid foundation at SME. Forming and fabricating as a segment of the SME Technical Paper library is nearly 800 papers from 1951 to present. Full Article

Aluminum Joining Manual Proves a Hit

Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


The automotive industry’s current emphasis on lightweighting—and the introduction of the aluminum intensive 2015 Ford F-150—has focused a lot of attention on substituting aluminum for ferrous metals. One of the apparent hurdles facing that substitution is how to join aluminum, both to itself and to dissimilar materials. Full Article

What Non-Chipmaking Cutting Technology to Use?

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz from information provided by Hypertherm


Here’s the short answer from Hypertherm (New Brighton, MN). Certain processes will only cut certain types of materials. For example, oxyfuel can only cut carbon steel and plasma can only cut electrically conductive metals. This means if you need to cut more than just metal, you can immediately cross those two processes off your list and focus instead on laser or waterjet. Full Article

Trends in Stamping Progress

Senior Editor Ellen Kehoe


Papers exploring the current state and future trends in a particular technology are perennially popular. Too, rediscovering such papers a few years later provides a timeline of the topic’s evolution. Such is the case with several papers on stamping, among the 95 related to this fabrication process in the SME Technical Paper library. Full Article

Extrusion and Drawing Knowledge

Senior Editor Ellen Kehoe


Extrusion and drawing, two related, stalwart topics in material forming, are covered from top of punch to bottom of die in more than 200 papers in the SME Technical Paper library. The range of contributors is broad, from companies like Alcoa, Westinghouse, ASEA, Western Electric and General Electric to universities in Japan, Germany and the US, as well as individual entrepreneur metalworking shops. Full Article

Forming and Fabricating Presses On

Senior Editor Ellen Kehoe


The collective topics of forming and fabricating are a heavyweight segment of the SME Technical Paper library, with nearly 800 papers from 1951 to present. Here’s an overview of the many areas covered in the fabrication and material forming case studies and tutorials in SME’s database. Full Article

DIRTT First in Interior Prefab Construction Industry to Standardize and Complete Environmental Product Declarations

Press Release - DIRTT


DIRTT has set the official international standard for measuring and reporting how modular wall components measure up in terms of sustainability, with the completion of a third-party verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and 15 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for prefabricated modular walls. Full Article

All-Electric Tube Bending Machine Innovator Appoints New US Partner

Press Release - Unison Ltd


The pioneer of all-electric tube bending machines, Unison Ltd of Scarborough UK, has appointed Innovative Tube Equipment Corp. (ITEC) as its new sales and service partner in the US. After more than a decade of operations in North America, Unison views ITEC - with its focus on tube fabrication and its long experience in providing solutions for tubular parts manufacturing - as the ideal partner to support its existing customer base and help take its business forward. Full Article

FABTECH 2014: Trumpf Executive Says a `Re-Thinking’ Needed to Bring Manufacturing Back to US

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


Bringing manufacturing back to the United States will require a “re-thinking,” the head of Trumpf GmbH’s North American unit said at Fabtech in Atlanta on Wednesday.“There has to be a re-thinking as we bring production back to America,” Peter Hoecklin, president and chief executive of Trumpf Inc., said at a press conference. Full Article

Spray Systems, Inc. Celebrates 37 Years of Spray Booth Design Success At FABTECH 2014

Press Release - Spray Systems, Inc.


Spray Systems, Inc. is coming to FABTECH in November to celebrate their 37th anniversary. Since 1977, Spray Systems has supplied the finest quality spray booths and sophisticated finishing systems to every segment of American industry, as well as our military and numerous governmental agencies.  Full Article

Streamline Design to Fabrication

dFab Net


The Digital Fabrication Network (dFab Net) is a new community of fabricators and manufacturers; hardware and software suppliers; and academics, designers, and researchers, working together to improve design to fabrication. Digital fabrication advancements are transforming industries at all levels. Full Article

Laser Welding Applications Expand

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


Lasers for welding have proven their worth in the last 35 years in select applications. Despite their high capital cost, the precise, intense heat source makes lasers the right choice where there are tight tolerances, close fit-ups, and thin materials. These are applications where lasers produce less distortion, with their smaller heat-affected zone (HAZ) around the weld. Full Article

Robotic Welding Systems

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products


The new Swift Arc series of pre-engineered, robotic welding cells is available in three models: Swift Arc AL (angle-load), Swift Arc FL (front-load), and Swift Arc SL (side-load) robot cells. Each system is an economic configuration for a complete workcell, and is ideal for job shops introducing robotics to their applications. Full Article

Automating Welding Operations

Kevin Summers and Randy Stevens


How can you justify the decision to automate the welding process? Full Article

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