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VIDEO: Electrodes Made Really Easy


How to design and machine electrodes faster than you could ever imagine! Let’s face it. No one likes to design electrodes. But, if you have to make them, you may as well do it quickly and efficiently! Full Article

VIDEO: Completing the 21st Century Digital Factory Information Flow with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


This webinar will introduce you to the ways you can leverage the power of an integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to manage the flow of information between the shop floor and the rest of the business. Today’s manufacturing environments require a fast and reliable way to assure that only the most up-to-date information on each item produced is presented to the floor, and that mission critical production results be made available to everyone who can favorably affect real-time or future manufacturing related activities. Full Article

VIDEO: AMP for Machine Performance Evaluation and Improvement


Join us for the Live Webinar and learn how users can leverage Analyze MyPerformance (AMP), SINUMERIK’s Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) solution, to collect downtime statuses and performance data from CNC machines in real-time, and automatically calculate Key Performance Indicators such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness based upon this data. Full Article

VIDEO: Beyond Prototypes – 3D Printing Transforms Xerox’s Model Shop


Listen as Duane Byerley from Xerox’s model shop explains how 3D printing improves the way they work. See how they make FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) production parts, short-run thermoforming molds, work holding tools and much more. 3D printing is transforming the way things are made and the Xerox model shop has embraced it. Watch this webinar and learn how it can change your world. Full Article

VIDEO: Capabilities and Advancements in Waterjet Technology


Learn the attributes of a waterjet machine tool, how it might contribute to your shop, and the latest advancements in technology. Full Article

VIDEO: Which ERP Software Is Best For Your Shop: On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud?


Choosing between installing manufacturing ERP software On-Premise, Hosted or through the Cloud can be a difficult decision for companies, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each option. From the presenter who brought you "8 Keys to Selecting the Right Manufacturing ERP Software," Exact JobBOSS brings you another Peter Adam original, complimentary Webinar, "Which ERP Software is best for your shop? On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud?" Full Article

VIDEO: Easy CNC With SINUMERIK Operate: Commonality Of Programming Between Shopmill, Programguide, CADCAM and ISO-Compatible Mode


Part two is intended to show a user how similar functionality is between creating programs in either ShopMill, G-code with programGuide mode, importing from a CAD/CAM system, or running programs previously created for an ISO-style control. We will take one example of a part and show it programmed in all four ways and then run each of them in auto mode. Once completed, webinar attendees will have an excellent understanding of what it takes to program and run a SINUMERIK CNC from programs created inside and outside of the control. Full Article

VIDEO: 3D Printed Rapid Tools for Injection Molding


Learn how 3D printed molds can cut turnaround time for your injection molded (IM) prototypes. We will discuss when 3D printed molds are a best fit, material selection and customer stories, as well as process limitations and tips for successful molding. Full Article

VIDEO: Applying the Latest Metal Chip Processing Technology to Improve EHS Compliance and Drive Cost Reduction


This Webinar will address the importance of analyzing your plants risk and opportunity as it relates to chip and fluid processing. Industrial metalworking manufacturing has undergone dramatic shifts that have changed operating structures. Flexible manufacturing, high-speed machining, material reconfiguration, cutting technologies, and environmental regulations and compliance are all factors which manufacturing has adjusted to meet changing government, consumer, and industry shifts. The one hour discussion will help you assess your chip and fluid processing needs, identify areas of greatest risk, and qualify cost reductions and additional revenue streams. The discussion will highlight some of the latest technology in modular chip processing that allows for the transfer, volume reduction, briquetting, load-out, and fluid reclamation in a single, easy to install and maintain, system. Full Article

VIDEO: Advanced Manufacturing and Using Big Data to Enhance Production from Big Shops to Small Shops


Dr. Thomas Kurfess, who served as the Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America, was the technical lead for the President on the current federal efforts related to manufacturing. One key area within manufacturing is the utilization of Big Data in conjunction with the currently available and rapidly growing capabilities of Cyber Physical Systems. Professor Kurfess will discuss how Big Data and Cyber Physical Systems can be employed to move manufacturing completely into a digital domain by employing digital models, in conjunction with readily available High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms (e.g., multi-core, GPU, and cloud), low cost deployable sensing and high bandwidth connectivity to enable rapid process and production planning for use in both cost estimation/quoting and, ultimately, production and verification. For cloud manufacturing, this will enable even the smallest and least sophisticated manufacturing node in the cloud to rapidly respond to large number of quote requests for complex parts utilizing low cost cyber infrastructure resources that are currently available and expanding on a daily basis. Full Article

VIDEO: The Value of FDM End-Use Parts


Manufacturers know that saving time and increasing production efficiencies have a direct effect on their company’s bottom line. Using 3D printing to produce end-use parts can provides unprecedented benefits for low-volume manufacturing. It can also be used to bridge the gap between product concept and traditional manufacturing processes. In this webinar, you’ll see how manufacturers are using 3D printing to add efficiencies to their organization and learn how to incorporate this technology onto your production floor. Full Article

VIDEO: Benchmarking Your Quality Maturity: Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center


In order for an organization to achieve the shift from quality management as a cost center to profit center, it’s important to have a strong grasp on your organization’s maturity in the different quality management resources. To help organizations understand their current state and plan for the journey to true operational excellence, LNS Research will discuss their landmark quality management research study of over 1000 manufacturing organizations to identify best practices in organizational change, business process redesign, and technology evaluation based on a comprehensive maturity model to illustrate what constitutes current state vs. market leading. Full Article

VIDEO: How to Reduce Drill Programming Time


The drilling process can be tedious, repetitive and error prone. But, it doesn’t have to be! Join this free live webinar and learn how to reduce drill programming time (by up to 90%). Our presenter, John Barnes from Cimatron, will inform attendees on improvements and processes surrounded around advanced drilling tools & techniques, automated NC drilling 3x-5x, automated gun drill programming & output, how feature recognition can vary among cam systems, automatic vs automated drilling, and use of stock & holder protection while drilling. Full Article

VIDEO: What's New With Lasers?


From ultra-short pulse lasers for micromachining to 3D Printing, we explore one of manufacturing’s most versatile tools. Full Article

VIDEO: 3D Printing: Multi-Materials and Vibrant Color


In this webinar, Jon Cobb, executive vice president at Stratasys, will share his expertise on this significant technology advancement, what multi-material color 3D printing really means, how it works and the many benefits. Guadalupe Ollarzabal of Trek Bicycle, a longtime Connex user and Objet500 Connex3 beta tester, will share why his shop chose multi-material 3D printing, what they’re using it for, and how the new technology advances their products. Full Article

VIDEO: The Machining Center Selection Process – Why Your Next VMC Should Be an HMC


This session explores how you can use a horizontal machining center to improve quality, reduce changeovers and set-ups, and increase your shop’s flexibility while maximizing floor space. Discover the types of parts that can best be produced on a horizontal machining center, even for low-quantity runs. Think outside the vertical “box” and learn how efficient, effective, and productive an HMC can be. Full Article

VIDEO: Global Trends in Aerospace Components and Five Axes Machines Required to Meet the Increasing Demand


This presentation is vital to understand the current global trends in aerospace component types and how OEMs look to potential suppliers for supply chain support. This webinar is ideal for all suppliers in the aerospace OEM supply chain looking to increase their market share or suppliers looking to enter this market. Attendees will learn about machine tool investment strategies from the OEMs point of view, how to compete, and how to succeed. Full Article

VIDEO: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) & PolyJet Similarities and Distinctions


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and PolyJet are distinctly different, yet they have much in common. To help you understand which 3D printing technology best meets your needs, Fred Fischer, director and former applications engineer for Stratasys, will share his insights on FDM and PolyJet. He will cover operations, output qualities and material offerings. Full Article

VIDEO: Workstation Cranes in Today's Workplace: Improving Productivity, Quality and Safety


Join Gorbel as we explore the advantages of Workstation cranes (WSC) on the Shop Floor. The session will additionally review the results of an ergonomic study supporting the use of WSCs. How WSC technology has been applied in a variety of real world environments and what specific drivers have led businesses to adopt the technology will also be discussed. Full Article

VIDEO: Measurement Technology: A Smart Investment, and a Source of Competitive Advantage


In today’s hyper-competitive manufacturing environment, companies seek every efficiency they can find. The latest developments in software, machine tools, tooling and cutting technology allow manufacturing companies to constantly refine their manufacturing strategies in search of a sustainable competitive advantage. What is often missing is a common thread that can link all these technologies and leverage them collectively for even greater value. Full Article

VIDEO: Automated Machinery Monitoring: Quickly Identify Real Sources of Poor Productivity


Quickly and confidently identify productivity problem sources by monitoring the status of your manufacturing assets. Automated monitoring captures factual data to your screen as it happens, allowing you to be instantly aware of slowdowns and stoppages. The recorded data lets you analyze trends and effectiveness of improvement efforts. Floor Managers can leverage this knowledge to apply focused improvements with lasting impact. Full Article

VIDEO: Cloud ERP Helps Manufacturers Keep Up With The Times


Enterprise manufacturing is changing and enterprise applications running in the cloud are playing a big role in helping manufacturers respond to change. Moving to a subscription licensing and cost model, the ability to access anywhere, anytime, and always up-to-date software makes cloud deployment very attractive to manufacturers today. Full Article

VIDEO: Motor Trends: Additive Manufacturing Drives Production of Race-Ready Cars


Additive manufacturing (AM) is crucial in motorsports. In the race for speed and performance, it has long been a key design and testing tool. Now, race teams are revealing that AM parts are tough enough for use on the track. This trend toward end-use parts has been building for a long time, but teams can be secretive about what gives them a competitive edge. In this webinar, we’re lucky enough to present three examples of motorsports teams willing to share how they leverage AM to improve performance: Joe Gibbs Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, and Prodrive in the U.K. Their stories will crush the misconception that AM parts are just for prototyping. Stratasys’ Allen Kreemer, formerly of Honda, will be your host along with special guest Paul Doe, chief designer at Prodrive, the team behind the World Rally Championship Mini. Full Article

VIDEO: Precision Hard Turning - Advancements Beyond Belief


New machine technologies for Hard Turning allow advanced form tolerances and surface finishes to be achieved that were previously unattainable. Precision Hard Turning of parts is a more efficient alternative to slower semi-finish and finish grinding operations. Take this opportunity to learn how Hardinge can improve your shop’s efficiency and productivity with Precision Hard Turning. Full Article

VIDEO: Achieving Higher Machine Tool Performance Using Pure Serial Interfaces


Bi-directional serial interfaces play a key role in getting the most performance out of your machining operations. A deeper understanding of incremental and absolute position feedback systems and encoder protocols can help your company reduce system costs, generate higher positioning accuracies, speed stability, and dynamics, increase availability of functions, better your functional safety and enhanced preventative maintenance planning.  This Webinar will provide that understanding, while exploring the advantages of EnDat 2.2, HEIDENHAIN's pure digital serial interface. Full Article

VIDEO: Compact Laser Processing Systems: High Performance in Small Packages


Laser processing is an alternate and cost-effective solution to conventional metal manufacturing methods. This webinar will focus on the advantages that a small, versatile laser processing system offers to manufacturers looking to cut and weld small parts at high accuracy and speeds. The presenter, Frank Geyer, will walk participants through a variety of processes and their technical solutions showcasing the benefits of a small system. Full Article

VIDEO: FMEA in Engineering Talent Acquisition: What Can Go Wrong and What to Do About It


Engineering talent acquisition is a complex system with many moving parts. Every part has an important role, and defects in any one can have an adverse effect on attracting and selecting the right engineers and technicians, cause delay in assembling a project team or staff, and ultimately affect the ability to execute projects and deliver work product. We will take a look at what can go wrong in the hiring process. Companies will learn what can be done to error proof the system and eliminate waste and delay, and we’ll offer tips to the job seeker on how to get noticed and put their best foot forward. Full Article

VIDEO: Trendsetting Efficiencies: Using a Single 3D Printer in a Fast-Paced Prototype Environment


Join us as we explore what it takes to go from take-off to touch-down in the world of 3D printing. Prefix Corporation, an “innovationeering” expert will offer insight into how they developed a process to achieve the maximum efficiencies from their 3D printer. They will also discuss how this technology is being applied to the wide range of product development that Prefix offers to the automotive, aircraft, and medical industries. Prefix brings innovation and creativity to reality – from vision, concept, design & prototype, to production-ready specialty vehicles like the 2013 SRT Viper. Full Article

VIDEO: Software and Automation: Improving Manufacturing Efficiency


How has manufacturing software and automation improved efficiencies across the supply chain? What does the future hold for these continuous improvements? Software touches all aspects of manufacturing, from CAD/CAM designers and engineers to workers on the shop floor.  Join us as Thomas Kurfess, PhD, PE, covers innovations in CAD/CAM, product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and factory data management technologies employed today that will continue to impact manufacturing’s future. Full Article

VIDEO: Benefits of an Integrated Quality Solution


Listen to this discussion as Matthew Littlefield, President and Principal Analyst at LNS Research, will describe market leading solutions and approaches where quality is integrated with all other functions. The integration of quality management with supply chain management, compliance, manufacturing, shipping, receiving, and other key areas enables a closed loop quality environment.  Complete Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) integration ensures that quality issues are identified, isolated and managed when they occur in real-time. Littlefield will outline how the connection between ERP, Quality and Manufacturing software capabilities benefits to the entire aerospace and defense enterprise. Full Article

VIDEO: Accelerate Production through Lightweight Tooling


By integrating Lightweight Tooling into production processes, the automotive, robotic, and packaging markets can benefit from faster part handling, improved production levels, and safer working conditions. Join us as Robert Pitera, Global Product Director at DE-STA-CO, explains how lightweight end effector tooling can provide myriad benefits in automated manufacturing operations. Learn how to generate A 25—30% increase in production through the use of innovative tools that weigh 50% less than traditional tools, higher safety ratings for workers through improved ergonomics and reduced maintenance: lighter tooling places fewer stresses on machines, leading to a decrease in the need for maintenance and repair and, ultimately, less lost production time. Full Article

VIDEO: Benefits Gained When Utilizing Continuous Dress Creep Feed (CDCF) Grinding for Processing Aerospace and Other Difficult-to-Machine Workpieces


Listen as Larry Marchand, Vice President of theSurface & Profile Division at United Grinding, explains how theimprovements in CNC control, machine accuracy, and grinding wheel technologyhave resurrected the real-world benefits of employing continuous dress creepfeed (CDCF) grinding for processing aerospace and other difficult-to-machineworkpieces. Learn how others have dramatically reduced cycle times, increasequality & throughput and improved overallgrinding surface accuracy Full Article

VIDEO: Advancements in Robotic Laser Welding and Cutting


The combination of robots and advancements in laser welding and cutting has resulted in a range of manufacturing possibilities that are cost effective when compared to dedicated five-axis laser machines and other metal fabrication processes. Lasers and robots are more accessible than ever before, with capital investment structures that are no longer prohibitive for small and medium-size manufacturers. This partnership of robotics and fiber-delivered lasers also provides tools for precise path and shape accuracy. In addition, off-line programming software is making it easier to achieve outstanding results that can be validated in the computer environment without disturbing production. This webinar will explore the development of this technology, and demonstrate how it can be a highly beneficial alternative to other processes. Join Jorge Isla, Global Technology Manager for Welding & Cutting at ABB Robotics, and a panel of experts who will help you discover the exciting new world of robotic laser cutting and welding. Full Article

VIDEO: Beyond Prototypes: 3D Printing Transforms Xerox's Model Shop


Beyond Prototypes: 3D Printing Transforms Xerox's Model Shop. Originally held Wednesday, May 8, 2013. Listen as Duane Byerley from Xerox’s model shop explains how 3D printing improves the way they work.  See how they make FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) production parts, short-run thermoforming molds, work holding tools and much more. 3D printing is transforming the way things are made and the Xerox model shop has embraced it. Watch this webinar and learn how it can change your world. Full Article

VIDEO: Capturing Your Manufacturing Best Practices


Capturing Your Manufacturing Best Practices. Originally held Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013. Your organization gets the job done, and does it well. It has the knowledge to do this, but that knowledge exists only in the memory of the employees. Should they quit or retire, that crucial knowledge will go with them. This presentation will help you learn how to retain your edge. Presenter Marc Bissell, Senior Applications Engineer, CAMWorks/Geometric will demonstrate how the latest CAD/CAM technology can capture your manufacturing best practices, exponentially increase production, reduce lead time, and improve your quality while dramatically lowering your costs.  Full Article

VIDEO: Additive Manufacturing - Summarizing All its Parts


Additive Manufacturing: Summarizing All its Parts. Originally held Thursday, Sept. 20. Fortus 3D Production Systems will explain where additive manufacturing is now and where it is going by sponsoring a webinar entitled “Additive Manufacturing 101: Changing the Future of Product Development and Manufacturing.” Fortus is a business unit of Stratasys Inc.  Full Article

VIDEO: When State-of-the-Art Micromachining Isn't Good Enough


When State-of-the-Art Micromachining Isn't Good Enough. Originally held on Wednesday, Aug. 29. This webinar, which takes a look at breakthroughs inmicromachining, was conducted by Richard Chen, vice president of Design Engineering at Microfabrica Inc. Full Article

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