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VIDEO: Is your Smart Factory smart enough?


You’ve collected the data. Now what? Big Data does no good if it just sits there. That data represents untapped production efficiencies, competitive business insights, and new, brand-differentiating services—but only if the data can be effectively analyzed and shared. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a start, but more can be done. Intel and Beckhoff Automation have ways of enhancing IoT to drive innovation in the factory by consolidating systems with PC-based control technology. To fully realize the promise of IoT, disparate systems need to securely connect, interoperate, and communicate. A key step in capitalizing on IoT, and a related technology concept called Industry 4.0 specifically addressing the industrial or factory environment, involves establishing better horizontal (i.e., shop floor) machine-to-machine communications. This addresses the “islands of automation” issue in which machines and/or machine modules do not fully communicate with one another. Also critical is vertical communication to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) (“shop floor to top floor” or “sensor to cloud”). This has implications for all levels of an automated factory, from optimizing production throughput to executing an advanced condition monitoring system by bundling all major functions on centralized architectures powered by PC-based control technology and the latest Intel CPUs. The hurdle is obtaining the data easily and via standard interfaces as traditional machine control technologies were not designed for built-in direct connectivity to ERP and MES. Full Article

VIDEO: zCAT DCC-CMM Brings Portability, 3-D Accuracy and Economy to the Shop Floor


Learn how this revolutionary new breed of DCC-CMM is changing the way people think about CMMs in the manufacturing process. Portability - Learn how the portable zCAT DCC-CMM will help you speed up your manufacturing and ensure the accuracies and processes involved. Ease-of-Use - See how intuitive the user-friendly the zCAT is to use. Learn how your expenses in CMM training and programming can greatly reduce. Accuracy - Learn the benefits of bringing accurate 3-D measurement almost anywhere. Full Article

VIDEO: Building a New Future: Progress On The National Network for Manufacturing Innovation


How do you overcome the massive gap between invention and commercialization, a gap that has left our Nation with too many lost jobs, shuttered manufacturing plants, withering supply chains, trade deficits, and other lost opportunities to measure? Learn directly from the federal leader in the center of a historic transformation aimed at making America a premier center of manufacturing once again. Mike Molnar, the nation’s first Chief Manufacturing Officer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will describe his experience spearheading the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation for the past several years. Featuring insights from a decade in government and more than twenty years in private industry, this presentation will focus on the impetus behind the NNMI as well as its current status. Full Article

VIDEO: Expand your 3D Tactile and Video Measuring Capabilities with CMM-Manager


Expand your 3D tactile and video measuring capabilities with CMM-Manager, now available on Nikon iNexiv* video measurement systems. CMM-Manager is task-oriented, highly intuitive and offers powerful measuring and reporting capabilities. With a single software solution for all your needs you can use CMM-Manager not only on your manual CMM, DCC CMM, and Portable Arm, you can now use it on your Nikon vision system. Don’t be left behind. Be the first to learn how to integrate this new technology into your metrology applications. During this webinar you will learn how to accomplish the follow items your business: Increase Product Flexibility by using a unified software for several devices. Become Intuitive. We will provide a brief introduction to UI layouts. Understand how the Multi Sensor technology works. Take your measuring capabilities into the world of 3D. Full Article

VIDEO: Illuminating the Objective of Vision Inspection


The way a vision system detects and collects data points can be a mystery to some. A vision system is a non-contact, non-destructive method for dimensional measurement and has the ability to “see” the features of interest vs. tactile measurement methods. The vision probe converts an image to a digital signal via a CCD camera and a frame grabber. This method allows vision machines to perform programmatic edge detection, auto focusing and pattern recognition. During this webinar we will go over topics including the benefits of gray-scale measurement, high-resolution measurement, and the composite coordinate system. Full Article

VIDEO: Implementation of Metal Additive Technology on the Factory Floor


In recent years Additive Manufacturing (AM) has started to gain momentum in the medical and aerospace industries to manufacture production components. Metals AM has been growing significantly in the past decade, over 300 metal AM systems were sold in 2013 and even more in 2014. Metal AM processes such as Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and Selective Laser Melting (SLS) are powder bed fusion technologies that use alloyed powder and a focused energy source to melt and build 3D components layer by layer. Companies and institutes jump into the technology sometimes not fully understanding what is required to have a successful operation after making the large investment. They must also decide early in the process if they will focus on research, prototyping or production. We will try to explain the resources needed, such as facility requirements, people, and post processing investments needed to successfully have an operational process. Full Article

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