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VIDEO: 3D Printing: Multi-Materials and Vibrant Color


In this webinar, Jon Cobb, executive vice president at Stratasys, will share his expertise on this significant technology advancement, what multi-material color 3D printing really means, how it works and the many benefits. Guadalupe Ollarzabal of Trek Bicycle, a longtime Connex user and Objet500 Connex3 beta tester, will share why his shop chose multi-material 3D printing, what they’re using it for, and how the new technology advances their products. Full Article

VIDEO: The Machining Center Selection Process – Why Your Next VMC Should Be an HMC


This session explores how you can use a horizontal machining center to improve quality, reduce changeovers and set-ups, and increase your shop’s flexibility while maximizing floor space. Discover the types of parts that can best be produced on a horizontal machining center, even for low-quantity runs. Think outside the vertical “box” and learn how efficient, effective, and productive an HMC can be. Full Article

VIDEO: Global Trends in Aerospace Components and Five Axes Machines Required to Meet the Increasing Demand


This presentation is vital to understand the current global trends in aerospace component types and how OEMs look to potential suppliers for supply chain support. This webinar is ideal for all suppliers in the aerospace OEM supply chain looking to increase their market share or suppliers looking to enter this market. Attendees will learn about machine tool investment strategies from the OEMs point of view, how to compete, and how to succeed. Full Article

VIDEO: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) & PolyJet Similarities and Distinctions


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and PolyJet are distinctly different, yet they have much in common. To help you understand which 3D printing technology best meets your needs, Fred Fischer, director and former applications engineer for Stratasys, will share his insights on FDM and PolyJet. He will cover operations, output qualities and material offerings. Full Article

VIDEO: Workstation Cranes in Today's Workplace: Improving Productivity, Quality and Safety


Join Gorbel as we explore the advantages of Workstation cranes (WSC) on the Shop Floor. The session will additionally review the results of an ergonomic study supporting the use of WSCs. How WSC technology has been applied in a variety of real world environments and what specific drivers have led businesses to adopt the technology will also be discussed. Full Article

VIDEO: Measurement Technology: A Smart Investment, and a Source of Competitive Advantage


In today’s hyper-competitive manufacturing environment, companies seek every efficiency they can find. The latest developments in software, machine tools, tooling and cutting technology allow manufacturing companies to constantly refine their manufacturing strategies in search of a sustainable competitive advantage. What is often missing is a common thread that can link all these technologies and leverage them collectively for even greater value. Full Article

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