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Why Manufacturing Engineers Are Gravitating Towards Silver Nanowire Technology

By Sri Peruvemba, Vice President, Cambrios Technologies Corp.


A growing manufacturing sea change is now in play. Because of the available economies, there is a move from the incumbent, indium tin oxide (ITO) to electrodes based on silver nanowires (AgNW). This transition in manufacturing is due to several distinct material differences. Full Article

Energy Department Requests Proposals for New Institute

US Energy Department press release


The US Energy Department requested proposals for a new Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute as part of the Administration’s broader National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), Full Article

P3 Automotive Unveils Mobility Innovation Center in Metro Detroit

PRESS RELEASE-- P3 Automotive


SOUTHFIELD, Mich., April 20, 2016 – Representing the continuation of its significant North American growth over the past 11 years, P3 Automotive unveiled its Mobility Innovation Center (MIC) in Southfield, Michigan, announced plans to hire 100 employees by year end and committed to investing in research and development of new and advanced technology solutions to address the dynamic changes in the industry.
Full Article

Oil Price Collapse Tests Industry’s Innovation

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Though expectations in the oil field have been generally grim since oil prices tanked, forward-thinking companies are busy laying the groundwork for the day when oil prices rebound. There are always opportunities to develop new products for increased operating efficiencies and the need to supply replacement parts for wear items in continuing drilling and production operations. Highly prized are innovative solutions that improve machining performance, reduce operating costs, and provide a greater degree of automation to an industry that may face a shortage of skilled labor, jettisoned in drastic cost cutting moves throughout the industry. Full Article

The Ins and Outs of Inspecting Threads

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


Screw threads may be one of the most important of industrial fasteners. Found practically everywhere, smooth operating threads that connect parts under intense stress and strain are vital to most industrial pieces of equipment. They are getting more critical in certain applications where failure equals catastrophe. Leads, pitches, diameters, tapers, and angles must be uniform with tight tolerances as well as free of occlusions or defects. Manufacturers need to prove they meet quality requirements, and that the need to ensure quality is just as important upstream with the cutting tool itself. Full Article

Innovation is the Light at the Bottom of the Barrel

By Sarah A. Webster, Editor in Chief


Sir Isaac Newton famously observed that what goes up must come down. If only the reverse—what goes down must come up—were reliably true. Especially when it came to oil prices. Full Article

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