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Repair and Improvement All in One Process

Edited by Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


A repair process based on additive manufacturing opens new opportunities for industrial gas turbine maintenance cost reduction. Full Article

Oil Well Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Challenges Still Await

Janes Compton, Analyst, IBISWorld


Recent declines in oil prices have dramatically impacted industries of many types, and oil drilling equipment manufacturers must be particularly attentive to recent market conditions. As oil companies curtail spending on production, demand for oil drilling equipment is anticipated to undergo a period of weakness. Full Article

Shedding Light on Solar System Installation

Marios Lambi, BASF Performance Materials


It’s no secret that the process of converting metal to plastic brings many benefits such as greater design freedom, part consolidation and mass reductions. But for many, this replacement of materials brings doubt. Specifically, there's a misconception that a plastic material's performance cannot easily be predicted like that of steel of aluminum. At BASF, we are virtually eliminating those fears by introducing Ultrasim, a predictive technology tool, into the product development of parts molded using BASF materials. Full Article

Solving the Customization Riddle in Energy Manufacturing

Paul Ryznar, President and CEO, OPS Solutions, LLC

Augmented reality instructions for nonstandardized work can optimize the process of manufacturing and assembly. When a national oil and gas company contracted with a Michigan based engineering group for a multimillion dollar oil equipment order, the group approached Light Guide Systems for assistance. This situation presented our team with truly unique challenges—and pushed us to find creative solutions—that show the growing capability of technology to assist in customized manufacturing. Full Article

Oil Prices: Sneaky Peak

Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


Not too many people seem to be paying a lot of attention, but the price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate Crude (WTI) has crept up by almost one-third since it hit a low of about $45 per barrel in March. Brent, the other benchmark crude, has seen a similar climb. As this is written it is hovering at around $65 a barrel while WTI is in the neighborhood of $58 a barrel after hitting $61 a few days before.

Full Article

A Common Platform Benefits Complex Operations

Edited by Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


Voith Hydro (York, PA) is a major manufacturer of hydroelectric power generation equipment, especially the intricate turbines used in such operations, supplying hydroelectric generating companies and municipalities throughout North America. More than 12,000 units have been commissioned in the field, with more than 65,000 MW of installed capacity. In addition, Voith Hydro has upgraded more than 600 existing power generation units. Full Article

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