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EMAG's Laser Lab Support for Gear Welding Operations

Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


EMAG LLC (Farmington Hills, MI) is working to position itself so that no matter who—or what—drives a vehicle in the future or how vehicles are powered, the company will have a hand in the production of the gears and shafts that make cars and trucks move. To that end the company has opened a Laser Welding Laboratory to support the laser welding technology it is using as a quality and productivity enabler in some of its machines. Full Article

The State of the Art of Milling is Really Quite Thrilling

Troy Stashi, Product Specialist Milling, Sandvik Coromant


For anyone who owns, operates, or manages a machining center, these are exciting times. Never before has there been such an awesome assortment of high-quality cutting tools. Newfangled toolpath algorithms are removing metal like there’s no tomorrow. Toolholders grip tighter and more accurately, vises and fixtures can be swapped out in the blink of an eye. If your shop isn’t taking advantage of all the industry has to offer, the one thing you can be sure of cutting is profit margin. Full Article

Haimer USA Opens New Chicago-area Headquarters

Advanced Manufacturing Media Staff


VILLA PARK, IL -- Haimer USA in mid-May opened a new North American headquarters featuring 25,000 square feet of space that revealed the new Haimer Customer Center, featuring a 60 seat training room and lounge that opens to a modern showroom, and executive offices. Full Article

Toolmaker Plots Growth by Investing in Employees

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Challenged to find its place in the new century, one practitioner of the once booming trade of toolmaking, True Die Inc. (Zeeland, MI), is using machine tool technology to invest in the future of its employees and grow its business. It’s a strategy for growth that may well be tied to the future of the mold-and-die trade itself. Tim Rietsma and his brother Mike started their mold-and-die shop in 2000 wanting to continue their profession’s proud heritage of skilled toolmaking. Full Article

Makers of Turning Cutting Tools Innovate in Tough Times

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


Makers of cutting tools for turning applications are having to innovate and improve their products amid tough times—the falloff in demand for tubing for the oil & gas industry, a key market. That means, among things, they must continue to up their game in finding ways to cut hard-to-machine materials such as Inconel and titanium while still working on tools—despite the decrease in demand—that produce better tubing that can be used to drill deeper in more isolated places. Full Article

Toolmaker Produces Drills with Additive Manufacturing

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


MAPAL Inc. (Aalen, Germany; Port Huron, MI) is a manufacturer of precision tools for applications in metalworking, including precision drilling, reaming, milling, and turning for the automotive, mechanical, tool, and plant engineering industries. At EMO 2015, MAPAL exhibited its QTD cutting insert drill that was produced by additive manufacturing for 8–12-mm diameters. Previously QTD insert drills smaller than 13-mm diameter were not available because they were difficult to produce with the required smaller coolant channels through the tool. Central coolant supply weakened the core of the drill and as the cooling channels get smaller, the flow of coolant to the insert is reduced. Full Article

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