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Tech Front - New Carbon Nanotubes Outperform Copper as Electrical Conductors

Patrick Waurzyniak, Senior Editor and Ellen Kehoe, Senior Editor


Carbon nanotube-based fibers created at Rice University (Houston) show that on a pound-per-pound basis, the nanotube fibers have more capacity to conduct electrical current than copper. Although individual nanotubes can transmit nearly 1000 times more current than copper, the same tubes coalesced into a fiber using other technologies fail long before reaching that capacity. Full Article

Tech Front: Researchers Develop a Muscular Micro Material

Edited by Senior Editors Patrick Waurzyniak and Ellen Kehoe


Vanadium dioxide, already known for its ability to change size, shape and physical identity, could add super strength in a tiny package to its list of impressive attributes. A team of researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) recently demonstrated how a micro-sized torsional muscle motor constructed of vanadium dioxide is thousands of times stronger than a human muscle. Full Article

Tech Front: Nanotube Soldering Process Creates Tiny Electrical Pathways

Edited by Senior Editors Patrick Waurzyniak and Ellen Kehoe


Scientists at the University of Illinois (Champaign, IL) have devised a way to heal gaps in tiny wires too small for the smallest soldering iron. A research team, led by electrical and computer engineering professor Joseph Lyding and graduate student Jae Won Do, has published its results in the journal Nano Letters. Full Article

Tech Front: Carbyne Chains Hold Promise for Creating Stronger Nanomaterials

Edited by Senior Editors Patrick Waurzyniak and Ellen Kehoe


Carbyne may turn out to be the strongest of a new class of microscopic materials ever, if scientists can determine an effective way to produce it in bulk. Researchers at Rice University (Houston) have studied carbyne nanorods or nanoropes that could have a host of remarkable and useful properties, which are described by Rice University theoretical physicist Boris Yakobson and his group in a paper published in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano. Full Article

Tech Front: DOE Grant Funds Research to Improve Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing

Edited by Senior Editors Patrick Waurzyniak and Ellen Kehoe


A new three-year $660,000 grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE) will fund researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta) on development of advanced additive manufacturing techniques used to create 3D nanoscale structures. Full Article

Tech Front: Researchers to Combine Computing, Materials Science with Maker Movement

Senior Editors Patrick Waurzyniak and Ellen Kehoe.


Hoping to capitalize on the current wave of interest in additive manufacturing and the maker movement, two professors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI) and Drexel University (Philadelphia) are aiming to meld recent advances in computing, additive manufacturing and materials sciences into a new discipline dubbed the "informatics of making." Full Article

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