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It’s a Journey: Get Smart About Manufacturing

Brian Papke, President, Mazak Corp.


Whether they realize it or not, many manufacturers already employ some, if not all, of the strategies and technologies necessary to operate as a smart factory. In addition to lean principles, practically every manufacturer has implemented to one degree or another, advanced manufacturing cells and systems—i.e., multitasking, full five-axis machine tools and some level of automation. However, they often lack one key component: full digital integration to achieve free-flow data sharing in terms of process control and operation monitoring. Full Article

A Smarter Mix of Technology to Meet Your Needs

Michael Defer, Director of Technical Sales, Heller Machine Tools


Shorter value creation chains and higher degrees of component accuracy have helped ignite the trend toward the complete machining of complex workpieces on a single machine. Standard machines are increasingly capable of taking on intelligently expanded technology combinations that promise to optimize piece cost and machine availability. A standard machining center can now be configured to accomplish complete machining, including operations not common to traditional machining centers. Full Article

Technology, Talent & The New World Order

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


On the cover of our May issue, which is focused on emerging technologies in manufacturing, we feature an image from the DMG MORI Lasertec 65 3D metal printing machine—an advanced piece of technology that offers laser deposition welding and five-axis precision milling in one machine. The additive-subtractive machine, which began shipping in 2014, is just one symbol of how and why manufacturing is changing around the world, and why talent will continue to be an even more important driver of global manufacturing competitiveness going forward. Full Article

More Manufacturers Adopting 3D, Addressing Challenges

Chuck Alexander, Director of Product Management, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing


The pace of change in the 3D printing industry is so rapid and exciting that it’s difficult to keep up. To get a more complete sense of 3D printing’s current and continued impact on manufacturing, we looked to the wider professional attitude that prevailed toward 3D printing in 2015 by authoring an industry report based on a blind survey that was distributed to 700 professional 3D printing users. Full Article

Lasers Advance Medical Device Miniaturization

Scott Sullivan, Business Development Manager, ESI


The trends in medical devices today are clear: smaller, more effective, more reliable and less invasive. Breakthrough devices are continually being developed with the potential to raise the quality of treatment and produce better outcomes for patients. The challenge facing the industry, however, is developing the manufacturing techniques to allow dramatically miniaturized devices to be produced in sufficient volume and at attractive enough prices so they are available to the majority of people requiring them. Full Article

Big Parts Need Swiss-Type Machines on Steroids

By Courtney Ortner, Chief Marketing Officer, Absolute Machine Tools Inc.


There was an editorial cartoon circling around social media recently by Steve Bernett in which a husband says to his wife, “Good and bad news. Gassed up the truck for $1.30 per gallon…but our stocks fell so far we can’t afford to go anywhere.” Full Article

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