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Lasers Advance Medical Device Miniaturization

Scott Sullivan, Business Development Manager, ESI


The trends in medical devices today are clear: smaller, more effective, more reliable and less invasive. Breakthrough devices are continually being developed with the potential to raise the quality of treatment and produce better outcomes for patients. The challenge facing the industry, however, is developing the manufacturing techniques to allow dramatically miniaturized devices to be produced in sufficient volume and at attractive enough prices so they are available to the majority of people requiring them. Full Article

Big Parts Need Swiss-Type Machines on Steroids

By Courtney Ortner, Chief Marketing Officer, Absolute Machine Tools Inc.


There was an editorial cartoon circling around social media recently by Steve Bernett in which a husband says to his wife, “Good and bad news. Gassed up the truck for $1.30 per gallon…but our stocks fell so far we can’t afford to go anywhere.” Full Article

In Praise of Manufacturing and Machine Tools

Albert B. Albrecht, Albrecht Associates, Author, The American Machine Tool Industry


The American machine tool industry is vital to the well-being of our economy and national defense. It is an industry that affects all of us and has a long historical background. Its beginning dates back to the early arsenals of the 19th century, when machine tools were developed for the production of muskets and rifles. Yet it is an industry that rarely gets the attention it deserves. Full Article

What Can We Do Together to Boost Reshoring?

Harry Moser, Founder and President, Reshoring Initiative


US manufacturing could be doing much better and SME and the Reshoring Initiative can play a key role in making that happen by driving reshoring and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). Manufacturing employment is up 900,000 from the low in 2010 but down almost 5 million since 2000. At least half of that total decline is due to the offshoring of manufacturing jobs. And while the rate of awarding skilled workforce certificates has been rising by more than 20% per year for the last 10 years, we still have an estimated 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs. Full Article

Deep-Hole Drilling Continues to Evolve

Anthony Fettig, CEO, Unisig Deep Hole Drilling Systems


Mention deep-hole drilling, and most people think only gundrilling machines for processing gun barrels. But the fact is that deep-hole drilling applies to a much wider array of workpieces that are typically impossible to drill with common CNC machining centers. Those of us in the deep-hole drilling machine building business are constantly challenged with new and often unique applications that push us way beyond simple gundrilling. In the medical industry for instance, deep-hole drilling machines are used to drill 2.5-mm-diam holes 200-mm deep in titanium and stainless steel components. Full Article

Innovation is the Light at the Bottom of the Barrel

By Sarah A. Webster, Editor in Chief


Sir Isaac Newton famously observed that what goes up must come down. If only the reverse—what goes down must come up—were reliably true. Especially when it came to oil prices. Full Article

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