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Cisco Buying IoT Developer Jasper for $1.4B

By Patrick Waurzyniak Senior Editor


With its $1.4-billion move this week to purchase Internet of Things (IoT) software developer Jasper Technologies (Santa Clara, CA), networking giant Cisco (San Jose, CA) will add a major asset to its arsenal in the race to compete in the world of enterprise IoT software. Full Article

New CNCs Take Cues from Intuitive Smartphone Era

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


CNC control systems continue to move toward touchscreen human-machine interfaces (HMI) that appear more like a smartphone, with leading control developers like FANUC joining other independent and proprietary control providers who are moving in this direction. While these new interfaces are considered more user friendly, especially to the younger generation, the shift isn’t all about window dressing. The systems come with substantial improvements that are said to speed programming. Full Article

Service Data is Key to Unlocking IoT Success

Edited by Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Manufacturing Engineering: What’s the potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data improving manufacturing productivity? Full Article

Light Guide Systems, HP Launch 'Blended Reality' Tech Tool

Press Release - Light Guide Systems, HP


Light Guide Systems, an augmented reality tool that is transforming manual assembly and manufacturing processes for companies worldwide, is working with HP Inc., to launch a new technology tool—Light Guide Systems Pro. Utilizing the immersive computing platform Sprout Pro by HP, Light Guide Systems Pro modernizes manual assembly processes in commercial and education applications. Full Article

Siemens to Acquire Simulation Software Supplier CD-adapco

Press Release - Siemens, CD-adapco


Siemens and CD-adapco have entered into a stock purchase agreement for the acquisition of CD-adapco by Siemens. The purchase price is $970 million. CD-adapco is a global engineering simulation company with software solutions covering a wide range of engineering disciplines including Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Solid Mechanics (CSM), heat transfer, particle dynamics, reactant flow, electrochemistry, acoustics and rheology. Full Article

Leveraging Digital Analysis for the IIoT, Big Data

Edited by Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Jon Sobel is CEO and Co Founder, Sight Machine Inc., San Francisco.Manufacturing Engineering: Manufacturing systems are getting more connected than ever. Describe how your company’s analytics software helps shops leverage their plant-floor data. Jon Sobel: Manufacturing generates enormous amounts of digital data, but until now manufacturers have struggled to turn that data into useful insights. At first glance, you might assume that data volume is the principal challenge. It’s not. The main issue is more subtle—it is the variety. Full Article

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