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SME Speaks: Technology Transition: Key Ingredient to Ensuring Manufacturing Innovation Through NNMI Institutes

Debbie Holton, SME Interim Managing Director of Industry and Technology


Technology is cool, especially technology that’s currently being developed by manufacturing researchers. These cutting-edge applications, materials and processes are all looking for a way to be integrated into existing manufacturing operations, or possibly spun off into a new company or product.   In February, SME hosted a Technology Interchange event in Detroit featuring NASA technologies.  Full Article

SME Speaks: Planning for the Future of Manufacturing

Paul K. Oldroyd, Technical Fellow, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Member Since 2012


In Texas, a “brand” usually means “this livestock belongs to so-and-so…” You might be smiling right now, but this is not a bad analogy. A brand is distinct. A brand is recognizable. A brand is a mark of influence or ownership—in some ways it is an identity. “Making the future…,” if applied to industry seems ethereal, almost too broad and too philosophical to have a reasonable chance to define, to anticipate and to reduce to actionable steps. However, applied to an organization, it has a more definite meaning. It becomes a charter or a challenge.   Full Article

SME Speaks: Making an Impact with Words

Dennis S. Bray, PhD, FSME, SME International Director and Interim CEO


Every year, the leaders of SME, which includes volunteers and staff, sit down to discuss the coming year, and one of the many things discussed is the editorial content for SME Speaks. Throughout the years, as SME evolves, so do the topics in SME Speaks—2014 will be no exception. Full Article

SME Speaks: Plotting SME'S Purpose: Skills and Knowledge for Innovation

Michael F. Molnar, FSME, CMfgE, PE, 2014 SME President


We all have favorite teachers from our past, and perhaps why they remain so memorable from many years ago is their role in some notable “ah-ha” moment. It might be an insight of value or clever approach useful throughout our lives. A favorite engineering professor of mine was famous for framing everything in a two-dimensional chart. Full Article

SME Speaks: Moving SME & Manufacturing Forward

Dennis S. Bray, PhD, FSME, 2013 SME President


When I first wrote to you as the incoming SME president in early January, a common theme throughout my editorial was “making it possible”—making it possible to continue to move manufacturing forward and to continue to grow SME. A year later, I can now say, we’ve made it possible. This year was about laying the foundation for success in the coming years. Full Article

SME Speaks: Members Helping Other Members

Bonnie Knopf, 2013 Chair, SME Member Council


It’s been an exciting year for SME, its members, volunteer leaders and staff. As the world continues to change, so does SME. By now, all of you have been introduced to the 2017 SME Strategic Direction and new branding initiative from the SME Board of Directors. Full Article

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