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Partmaking for People

Teun van Asten, Engineer Marketing Services, Solid Milling, Seco Tools


The manufacturing of medical components must meet standards of accuracy, reliability, quality, and traceability that equal and sometimes exceed those required for aerospace and nuclear parts. In addition, global competition and efforts to restrain health care expense create great pressure to maximize productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. Full Article

EDM in Medical Manufacturing

Contributing Editor Ilene Wolff


“You guys are crazy!” That’s what Makino EDM product line manager Brian Pfluger was told—loudly—by a medical-industry customer after Pfluger recommended he use coated wire to make a custom housing for cancer treatment machines. Coated wire costs twice as much as uncoated, standard brass wire, so its use in the client’s application would increase manufacturing costs by about $100.
Full Article

3D Printing Used to Make Prototype Artificial Hand

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


YouBionic, an Italian startup company, has turned to 3D printing as part of its efforts to develop a lower-cost artificial hand.Companies have sought to produce prosthetic hands that look and operate like the real thing. The goal is something like Luke Skywalker’s robotic hand depicted at the end of the Star Wars movie The Empire Strike Back. Full Article

CAD/CAM: A Peek at What's Nexxt

Edited by Senior Editor Michael C. Anderson


Andy Elsbury, president of surgical-implant manufacturer Nexxt Spine (Noblesville, IN), recently received an urgent call from a surgeon with whom his company had never done business. It was a Thursday, and the surgeon was scheduled to perform a very difficult operation that would require a unique flat PEEK cervical spacer implant designed for a particular patient’s unusual cervical anatomy. Full Article

Medical Mold Masters

Edited by Senior Editor Michael C. Anderson


When entering the lobby of Custom Mold & Design (CMD; Minneapolis, MN), the impressive display of precision injection-molded components is definitely eye-catching. A plaque that hangs nearby is also hard to miss. It reads, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of cheap price has been forgotten.” Full Article

The Grind at Exactech

Edited by Senior Editor Michael C. Anderson


Exactech Inc. continuously develops and produces some of the industry’s highest quality orthopedic implants that help ensure both patients and surgeons, according to the company’s business philosophy, have a “great day in the OR [operating room].” Full Article

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