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No Shortcuts: Creating a Lean Environment the Right Way

Michael Ballé


In Michael Mann’s fabulous Last Of The Mohicans, the Mohican chief Chingachgook carries a gunstock war club – the weapon with which he defeats the film’s villain, Magua. It’s a wooden club topped with a curving, narrow-edged head designed to look like a gunstock. The origins of the weapon are mysterious, but it was largely used from the late 17th to mid-19th century, first by Eastern woodland tribes and then spreading across the Northern plains. Full Article

Employee-Owned Companies Look to the Future

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


The employee owned companies of Fastener Industries Inc. (Berea, OH) produce some of the most basic products in manufacturing: nuts, bolts, screws, levelers and pins. It began with the Ohio Nut & Bolt Co., founded in 1905 to produce bicycle chains. The company switched to employee ownership in 1980. As acquisitions occurred, those companies were converted to employee ownership as well. Full Article

Creating New Value at Toyota

Jim Morgan, President, Emc Network


On a visit to Toyota headquarters in Japan, Morgan, a former Ford director, got a lesson in the fundamentals of Lean Product and Process Development.

Full Article

Oil & Gas Producers Need Technology, Innovation

Edited by Executive Editor James D. Sawyer from information provided by IHS


As persistent low oil prices take their toll on both industry profits and spending projections, oil and gas operators are turning, in part, to technology and innovation to reduce costs and increase capital efficiency. Full Article

How to Leverage the IoT in Lean Manufacturing

Frederick L. Thomas, Director Discrete Manufacturing Industries, Dassault

Within the context of Lean manufacturing, focused on elimination of waste and continual process improvement, the IoT can lead to huge efficiency gains. Some people see the combination of the two as Lean on steroids. Tools and equipment will automatically collect, share and interact with other data and processes, opening up a whole new realm of achievements attainable under Lean initiatives.
Full Article

Flexible Flow at ConMed Orthopedics

Edited by Senior Editor Michael Anderson from information provided by Mazak


Constant innovation is the life force behind business success at ConMed Orthopedics in Largo, FL. The company specializes in medical devices for orthopedic, arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgery. ConMed Largo currently manufactures about 4300 different part catalog numbers and introduces many innovative new products per year. Competition is tough, and ConMed must continuously boost efficiency and shorten product development lead times to get its innovations to market as quickly as possible. Full Article

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