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Lean for All Seasons

Senior Editor Michael C. Anderson


These are interesting times for lean. On the one hand there are few businesses that have anything to do with manufacturing that don’t have some knowledge of, and don’t pay some lip-service to, the practices that came out of the Toyota production system (TPS). On the other hand, there are companies that have made a good-faith effort to change to a lean culture, only to find themselves unable to sustain the effort. Full Article

Metcam Completes and Implements Nine Kaizen Projects; Reaps Substantial ROI and Process Quality Improvements

Press Release - Metcam


Metcam (Alpharetta, GA), a fabricator of sheet metal components and assemblies for OEMs, announced on November 6 that it has successfully implemented nine process improvements since it began its Kaizen initiative in early 2014. Kaizen, which is Japanese for “good change,” is a business philosophy of continuous improvement through small, targeted initiatives. Full Article

How to Run a Factory: Timeless Advice from the Late Jim Harbour

Jim Harbour


Editor’s note: Early lean advocate Jim Harbour, whose Harbour Report prodded the US automotive industry into improving the way it designed and made cars, passed away on September 6th. In his memory we offer the following excerpt from his book, Factory Man, which SME was proud to publish in 2009. Full Article

Ubisense Survey Finds 40% of Manufacturers Have No Visibility into the Real-Time Status of their Process

Press Release - Ubisense


Ubisense, a global leader in location intelligence solutions, today revealed the results of its 2014 Smart Manufacturing Technologies Survey which secured responses from 252 manufacturing engineers, product designers and quality management professionals. The survey revealed that lack of visibility into manufacturing processes is the most prevalent issue plaguing manufacturers today. Full Article

Quality Scan: Using Metrology for a Competitive Advantage

Jeff Freeman


Manufacturing is one of the most challenging industries in the world of business. Foremost, it is highly competitive and attention to detail is crucial. Secondly, structural costs and regulatory compliance increase costs of doing business, leaving manufacturing companies continually looking for opportunities to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase profitability. Full Article

Frost & Sullivan: Lean Strategies and Decentralized Value Chains Fuel RFID Uptake in Manufacturing

Press Release - Frost & Sullivan


The business model and structure of the manufacturing industry has grown well beyond the scope of a single enterprise and location, making radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions indispensable to its functioning. With increasing adoption of lean manufacturing strategies prompting most industry players to focus on and outsource niche operations within global supply chains, RFID solutions will help sustain high levels of performance. Full Article

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