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Machines & Automation

Game-Changing Technology on a Roll

In the development of machining centers and cells, we’re always looking for game changers. Most recently, marrying 3D printing to standard machine platforms has been all the rage. Mazak Corp. is the latest entrant into the 3D printing/hybrid sweepstakes with the introduction of the Integrex i-400AM (additive manufacturing) Hybrid Multi-Tasking Machine for small-lot production from powder metals of difficult-to-cut materials such as those used in the aerospace, energy, and medical industries.

Viewpoints Blog

Advancing Manufacturing in the Glass City

Like many business development groups the Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) stages visits by journalists to tout their group's region. Thus I and four other editors were RGP's guests to view the state of advanced manufacturing in Northwest Ohio.It is not fair to the Toledo area to judge that state on the basis of visits to only six facilities. There may be some companies that are even more advanced and some that really don't measure up at all.


Injecting Quality at MGS Ireland

Liffey Park Technology Campus in Leixlip, County Kildare, stands less than one mile away from the original (circa 1759) brewing location for the most famous of Irish exports—Guinness beer. Over 250 years later, the site is now home to several hi-tech companies, including the Ireland Headquarters of Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Controls & Software

Advanced Programming Makes the Case for Reshoring Moldmaking Operations

The inexorable flow of mold-and-die manufacturing from North America and Europe to the Far East may be slowing somewhat, due to factors including rising labor costs in China, time-to-market concerns and quality issues. With the latest improvements in CAD/CAM software for die/mold machining, many manufacturers are steadily rebalancing that cost equation and reshoring a good chunk of moldmaking work previously done overseas.


Beaming About Additive

There is a “Catch-22” irony that plagues defense industry budgets; the more money spent on aging aircraft, the less money there is to buy new aircraft.

Event Coverage

FABTECH 2014: Google Pitches the Benefits of the Cloud to Manufacturers

Silicon Valley, meet Main Street. Google Inc., which has the world’s biggest search engine, is using this week’s Fabtech conference to reach engineers and small- to medium-sized companies to pitch the benefits of its cloud-based computer services.

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