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Medical Webinars

Custom Implant Design 10-15-15 Topic: Additive Manufacturing for Custom Implant Design
Presenter: DeAndre Jamison, Application Engineer, Materialise
Synopsis: During the webinar, DeAndre Jamison of Materialise will show you a full workflow from converting medical image data into a 3D model. You’ll gain insight into the different printing technologies and will learn for which complex cases 3D printing can be extremely useful.
3D Prosthetic Webinar (6-16-15) Topic: 3D Printing Prosthetics featuring Kablooe Design (The Magic Arms) and e-NABLE-20150616 1600-1
Presenter: Tom KraMer, Managing Principal and Product Development Design Engineer, Kablooe Design, and Jon Schull, PhD, Creator, e-NABLE
Synopsis: Thanks in part to the e-NABLE community, volunteer-fabricated prosthetics for children have become a "killer app" for 3D printing. This webinar describes the history and implications of crowd-sourced design, development and fabrication using 3D technology. The Magic Arms device is a 3D-printed exoskeleton used to help children with neuromuscular diseases move their arms then they would not otherwise be able to do so. The presenters share how it works and what kinds of improvements are needed for the design.
DDM TG Medical Images 10-28-14 Webinar Title: An Exploration of Modeling with Medical Images, Integrated Code, and Digital Materials 
Presenter: Alex Madinger, Founder, ADAPROX
Synopsis: This webinar explores the creation of a transtibial prosthetic socket, which utilized collecting geometry from CT scans, creating code to have the information in those scans drive the model and printing with materials of different mechanical properties.
Standards Webinar (6-12-12) Title: ASTM-F42 and Its Impact on Additive Manufacturing in Medical Devices and Implants 
Presenter: Shane Collins, Technical Director, Powder Bed Fusion Consulting
Synopsis: This webinar reviews the ASTM-F42 standard and its impact on additive manufacturing in medical devices and implants. Attendees will get a general idea of the standards being developed and the benefits it would have for manufacturers and consumers. In addition, the webinar will review the projected timeline for establishment of different standards, specialized standards for medical applications of AM components or use of medical CAD for design and fabrication of implantable components. It will also attempt to address how the standards are eventually intended to impact the FDA approval and reimbursement process.
Micromachining Title: Laser Micromachining 101
Presenter: Ronald Schaeffer, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, PhotoMachining Inc.
Synopsis: This webinar is a comprehensive look at laser technology as applied to precision micromachining. A brief background discussion on laser history, technology and definition of important terms are presented. Available laser sources are compared and contrasted including CO2, excimer, Nd:YAG, fiber and short pulse lasers. IR and UV material/photon interaction, basic optical components and system integration are also crucial to getting good processing results and these are all examined in detail. Real applications from the medical, microelectronics, aerospace and other fields are also presented.
NGC-Nano 2-07-12 Title: The Silent Industrial Revolution: Additive Layer Manufacturing and its Transition into Nanomanufacturing
Presenter: Boris Fritz, Engineer Senior Technical Specialist, Northrop Grumman Corporation Air Combat Systems
Synopsis: Learn more about the rapidly changing, relatively new field of 3-D printing/rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing and how it is being used at Northrop Grumman. You'll learn about some of NGC's in-house equipment and how it is used for tooling, assembly fit checks, unique applications and first-flight articles. You'll also find out about the remarkable future of this technology and its transition into manomanufacturing. You've heard about nanotechnology, but here's your chance to learn a unique approach to this technology from an additive manufacturing perspective that you won’t find in books, or anywhere else for that matter!
Remote Scanning Title: Remote Scanning – Applications & Technologies 
Presenter: Redmond P. Aylward, President, and Mustafa Coskun, Product Manager, Cambridge Technology Inc.
During this webinar, the following will be discussed: galvo scanning, three-axis scanning, z-axis focusing and methods, and material processing applications of remote scanning.
3-DImaging (Dec. 2011 Webinar) Title: Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement Improves Precision Component Design and Production 
Presenter: Erik Novak, Director of Technology Development, Bruker Nano Surfaces Division
Synopsis: This webinar outlines the generation and correlation of 2-D and 3-D results, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with migration to 3-D measurements. A variety of examples will be presented illustrating the use of 3-D metrology for both design and high-volume process control.
Laser-Welding Title: Laser Plastic Welding
Presenter: Josh Brown, Marketing Development Representative, LPKF Laser & Electronics, Plastics Welding Division, and Sean Flowers, Applications Engineer, Edison Welding Institute
Synopsis: Laser plastic welding has been around for decades, but with an ever increasing demand for smaller, more intricate and sensitive devices, laser plastic welding is growing to become a major player in plastics joining methods. Find out what laser plastic welding has to offer and why it is a driving force behind innovative devices in the medical and automotive industries.
Hardening Title: Laser Heat Treating — Hardening of Metals
Presenter: David Krattley, Vice President of Sales, Laser Equipment Division, Preco Inc.
Synopsis: During this webinar, attendees learn about laser heat treating (hardening) and how it compares to competing non-laser processes, which materials are well suited for laser heat treatment (hardening), and special optics and techniques for implementing this technology. An overview of the equipment required for laser heat treating (hardening) is also provided.
3D Hardware Title: 3D Metrology Hardware Review 
Presenter: Angelo Beraldin, Senior Researcher, National Research Council of Canada, and Louis-Jérôme Doyon, Sales Manager, Americas, InnovMetric Software
Synopsis: This presentation is a summary of the main metrology hardware devices from an unbiased point of view. Starting with a quick overview of the well-known tactile technologies, the webinar then concentrates on the basics of the more recent noncontact technologies. The pros and cons of each noncontact technology are presented. Finally, the presentation will look at differentiators that should be evaluated before acquiring a device, and highlights will include the importance of benchmarking the different products.
CT Scanning Title: Industrial Computed Tomography – CT Scanning 
Presenter: Stephanie Masse, Senior Program Manager, Jesse Garant & Associates
Synopsis: This presentation will provide a basic understanding of industrial CT scanning: what it is, some advantages and how CT scanning can be utilized to improve quality, save time and money. An overview will include the types of scanners and inspection/analysis techniques available.
Medical Laser Title: Laser Processing in the Medical Industry 101
Presenter: Geoff Shannon, PhD, Market and Application Development Manager, Miyachi Unitek Corp.
Synopsis: Laser processing has been widely adopted within the medical industry, and utilizing laser technology offers unique capabilities to meet manufacturing challenges. This webinar provides an overview of laser processing for the medical industry, and it will cover the key benefits of the following, including many application examples: microwelding, marking and fine cutting.
Hot Runner Title: Scientific Molding High Cavity Hot Runner Systems 
Presenter: Terry Schwenk, Process & Design Technologies LLC
Synopsis: In recent years, higher and higher cavity tools have been constructed, and more demand for better-quality parts produced from these tools has a high emphasis on mold balancing. Because the majority of these tools incorporate hot runners, the perception has focused on the hot runner as the direct cause for the in-balanced fill of cavities; hot runner suppliers were therefore scrambling to come up with a better hot runner solution. Fueled by industry awareness that inside corner shear effects cause different melt viscosity in cold runner systems and are direct contributors to in-balance fill has resulted in the conclusion that the hot runner is the root cause of all the balancing issues associated with cavity fill. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Although this phenomenon does exist in cold runner tooling and to some degree in hot runners, it is grossly over exaggerated and is only one of many factors that affect balance fill.
3D Doctor Title: 3D-DOCTOR for Medical Modeling
Presenter: Ted Wu, PhD, Able Software Corp.
Synopsis: Wu provides information on 3D-DOCTOR software and its applications for medical modeling and 3-D image processing, such as re-slicing, registration and image fusion. PDF | Audio