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September 2014




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Edward Talerico


ERP as a Skills-Gap Workaround
In Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing 2014, Infor’s Edward Talerico offers modern ERP technology as a counterbalance to the shortage of skilled workers in the A&D industry, noting that “Lean staffs, when equipped with the right tools, are often more effective than an overstaffed department.”




Heavy-duty swing clamps


Carr Lane Roemheld Swing Clamps offer Special Pricing


Heavy-duty swing clamps from Carr Lane Roemheld are high quality, but designed to be more affordable than previous models. With a maximum operating pressure of 5000 psi, the compact clamps are double acting, with a robust swing mechanism for faster clamping cycles. Ideal when using longer, heavier custom arms, and designed for manifold mounting. Available in four sizes. Specially Priced Swing Clamps
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Going Deep at B&B Manufacturing
Aero supplier B&B Manufacturing’s 11,160-m2 facility in Santa Clarita, CA has 215 employees—that’s 52 m2 per worker—and 115 CNC machining centers. Jana Adkins of the Santa Clarita Valley Signal recently toured the facility for “a deeper look at lean manufacturing” there.




People: The Heart of Lean


Lean Leadership from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Will Show You How to Transform Your Organization by Inspiring Behavioral Change


This new four-day professional development program from U-M’s Division of Integrative Systems+ Design is designed for anyone in a leadership position. It offers a great opportunity to improve your organization through efficient and effective leadership. You’ll learn how develop a winning team and what it takes to lead a sustainable lean culture that fosters continuous improvement. Click here.
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Photo - Mary Poppendieck


Lean Goal-Tending
At her Lean Mindset blog, lean software development expert Mary Poppendieck writes of the “Scaling Dilemma”: After creating independent teams, how do you get them to work together? Poppendeick explains the lean leader’s difficult but necessary task of creating unified, complementary goals.


Practical GD&T Workshop
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Winnebago’s Lean Roadmap
The RV maker offers 28 model lines and 88 floor plans to customers, and depends on lean techniques in order to maintain flexible, on-time manufacturing, according to Assembly magazine’s Austin Weber, who took a road trip to Winnebago’s Forest City, IA facility.




photo Winnebago




LEL International




Buy, Sell, Trade, Scrap, or Recycle your new or used industrial and mechanical equipment.

We are looking for Chillers, Cooling Towers, Generators, Air Compressors, Boilers, Electrical (UPS, PDU, etc.), Tanks, Refrigerants, Complete Sites, and more. Large scale equipment removal is also available. Visit www.lelinternational.com or call 864.699.9605.
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From Judge to Coach
“To create a culture of continuous improvement, put away the gavel!” That’s the advice of Mark Graban in a post at his Lean Blog. “A coach challenges you to do your best, helps you be successful, gives support and recognition,” Graban writes: “That’s exactly what we have to do in Kaizen.”




Fuji Machine




The DLFn’s completely innovative approach to flexible line configuration allows for easy addition or changeover of modules for extreme efficiency. Modules include turning, measuring, drilling, deburring, parts cleaning and others. The DLFn’s internal work handling units allow for fully automatic line configurations. The all new DLFn offers an improved takt time over other lines, and a footprint less than half the space of a conventional machining line. See the DLFn at IMTS booth #S-9059. www.fujimachine.com
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Ballé’s Novel Approach to Lean
Over at LEI’s Lean Post, Michael Ballé discusses the release of his (with co-author Freddy Ballé) new book—third of a trilogy of lean leadership books—Lead with Respect: A Novel of Lean Practice. They wrote the book, he says, “to show just how central engagement and involvement is to lean success.”




book cover: lead with respect


Machines Italia: Volume IX Now Available for Download


Machines Italia, a project by the Italian Trade Agency conducted in partnership with Italy’s FEDERMACCHINE, the National Federation of Association of Manufacturers of Capital Goods, and serves as your NAFTA direct link to over 10,000 Italian manufacturing solutions providers from every capital good industry. When you’re looking for the competitive advantage that comes with innovative technologies, take a closer look at Italian-made industrial equipment.

Explore this edition of Machines Italia and see for yourself how advanced manufacturing technologies from Italian solution providers are helping to fuel a new era in manufacturing. Click here to access the digital edition.
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mickey kaizen


Was Disney Animated by Lean?
The father of Mickey Mouse didn’t run a mickey-mouse operation, and his success may be at least partially credited to a mindset that paralleled lean thinking. Consultant Tim McMahon makes the case with some telling Disney quotes at his fine Web site, A Lean Journey.






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