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October 2014








Jim Harbour on How to Run a Factory
In this excerpt from his 2009 book, Factory Man, Jim Harbour, who passed away in September, offers seven pieces of timeless advice for manufacturers.





CNC Machining Center Vises


Precision CNC machining center vises perfect for your application, which allow for high productivity and quick changeovers. See the many variations, including single, double and concentric vises, along with tower (tombstone) vises. Choose from hydro-mechanical, full hydraulic, or mechanical vises with power amplifier, See the many varieties, and download a vise brochure at http://www.clrh.com/swiftsure/vises.html.
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Womack on Why Jim Harbour Matters
Lean Enterprise Institute’s Jim Womack recalls how the late, great Jim Harbour cajoled a reluctant US auto industry to embrace lean practices in the 1980s and 90s with his influential Harbour Report. Daniel Jones and Jeff Liker chime in in the comments.








Get Leaner With Bluebeam® Revu®


From design to fabrication, Bluebeam® Revu® provides manufacturing firms with 2D and 3D PDF-based workflow solutions that improve project communication and productivity. Bluebeam Revu combines the power of CAD to PDF conversion technology with easy-to-use markup tools to streamline communication and reduce paper usage and costs. Learn how Bluebeam Revu speeds up the design review process and increases manufacturing efficiency. Download a 30-day trial of Bluebeam Revu at www.bluebeam.com/Streamline.
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Lean Tagged as Source of RFID Uptake in Manufacturing
According to Frost & Sullivan, lean strategies and decentralized value chains are increasing the frequency of RFID usage. Automotive and aerospace are reportedly key growth areas.


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Flipping the Org Chart at Argus
At Canadian Manufacturing, Odete Passingham of SYSPRO Canada writes of lean and ERP at Winnipeg’s Argus Industries, whose CEO says “the people on the shop floor punching out the gaskets ... are making what the customer really wants. The rest of us are here to support them.” Refreshing.








Fuji Machine Totally Reinvents Modular Machining with the Fast and Efficient DLFn


The DLFn’s completely innovative approach to flexible line configuration allows for easy addition or changeover of modules for extreme efficiency. Modules include turning, measuring, drilling, deburring, parts cleaning and others. The DLFn’s internal work handling units allow for fully automatic line configurations. The all new DLFn offers an improved takt time over other lines, and a footprint less than half the space of a conventional machining line. See the DLFn in action on our website at www.fujimachine.com/dlfn.asp.
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A Shining Example of Lean
Dig the lean culture and practices uncovered at mining company Barrick Gold by Mining Global magazine in an article you won’t want to pan.


Machines Italia: Volume IX Now Available for Download


Machines Italia, a project by the Italian Trade Agency conducted in partnership with Italy's FEDERMACCHINE, the National Federation of Association of Manufacturers of Capital Goods, and serves as your NAFTA direct link to over 10,000 Italian manufacturing solutions providers from every capital good industry. When you're looking for the competitive advantage that comes with innovative technologies, take a closer look at Italian-made industrial equipment.

Explore this edition of Machines Italia and see for yourself how advanced manufacturing technologies from Italian solution providers are helping to fuel a new era in manufacturing. Click here to access the digital edition.
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Lean CEO Explains How Higher Pay Can Boost Profits
Steve Brenneman, CEO of ATC Trailers, explains to The Elkhart Truth (Indiana) the lean view of empowering and investing in workers.





Manufacturing Engineering Webinar – What’s New With Lasers?


Join Advanced Manufacturing Media as Ronald Schaeffer, PhD, explores the past, present and future use of Laser. Schaeffer will cover this evolving technology with a quick review of the use of laser technology in manufacturing and where some areas have matured more than others. Topics to be discussed include laser marking, cutting, drilling, welding and macrowelding. Schaeffer will also give attendees an in-depth explanation of the emerging laser areas that include ultrashort-pulsed lasers, micromachining, 3D printing and the future outlook of laser. Click Here to Learn More and Register.
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MG’s ‘Top 10 Lean Companies’ List
Lists are fun. The criteria for Manufacturing Global’s list seem a bit arbitrary, however. Nike makes the list for recent sustainability efforts; Ford is on it because of Henry Ford’s innovations of a century ago. Take a look. (Spoilers: Toyota, of course, gets the top spot.)






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