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November 2014








Bringing Lean to a New Generation
From the November issue of Manufacturing Engineering: A conversation with Deming student and NUMMI veteran Jim Manley of the Michigan Lean Consortium on lean's journey from automotive to other realms.





Quick Fixturing Change For Horizontals with Carr Lock® System


Carr Lane Manufacturing is introducing a new system of tooling blocks and fixture plates for quick fixturing change on horizontal machining centers. Create your fixturing on inexpensive fixture plates rather than dedicating a complete new tombstone to each new job. Changeover is in seconds with repeatability of .0004". Also available for vertical machining centers, Carr Lock® components can be ordered alone or in complete kits. http://www.carrlane.com/carrlock
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Lean, Innovation, and Moonshine at Boeing
Continuous improvement helps fuel continuous innovation in the problem-solving "moonshine shops" at The Boeing Company. Abigail Phillips of Manufacturing Global explains.








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RESPECT, Find Out What It Means for Lean
"Ten Signs You Respect Me as an Employee" are explained by veteran lean coaches Michel Ballé and Daniel Jones in a guest feature at Fast Company. Well said — but isn't it a shame such articles are still needed in 2014? Just a little bit.





The Final Step in Prototyping: Enhancing Your Metal Parts for Accelerated Speed To Market


Since the development of electropolishing in the 1950s, substantial refinements have taken place. Able has many electrolytes to allow for electropolishing on a broad range of metals. These newer electrolytes, combined with advanced parts handling techniques, have improved production yields on a wide range of metal products.

More recently, electropolishing has been utilized in many prototyping methods. Following the electropolishing process, metal parts have improved microfinish value, an ultraclean surface and enhanced corrosion resistance. http://www.ableelectropolishing.com/resources/downloads/
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Saskatchewan Health Initiative Still Under Fire
An internal memo says lean consultants were disrespectful, expected "rigid conformity in a militaristic style" and gossiped and undermined workers, reports The Leader-Post. But lean itself, not only these consultants, gets the heat.





Machines Italia: Volume IX Now Available for Download


Machines Italia, a project by the Italian Trade Agency conducted in partnership with Italy's FEDERMACCHINE, the National Federation of Association of Manufacturers of Capital Goods, and serves as your NAFTA direct link to over 10,000 Italian manufacturing solutions providers from every capital good industry. When you're looking for the competitive advantage that comes with innovative technologies, take a closer look at Italian-made industrial equipment.

Explore this edition of Machines Italia and see for yourself how advanced manufacturing technologies from Italian solution providers are helping to fuel a new era in manufacturing. Click here to access the digital edition.
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High-Tech 'Beyond Lean' Approach Offered
Fred Thomas of software maker Dassault Systèmes' Delmia Apriso section makes a case for what he terms "Smart Pull," which is apparently a marriage of lean practices with The Cloud and 'Internet of things' smart devices. Interesting, though none of it is actually "beyond lean."


The Buyer's Guide for PDM – White Paper Download


Over the past few years, there have been significant advances in Information Technology that carry serious implications for PDM systems. It can be difficult to decide which PDM solution combines the right mix of fundamental and innovative features for your particular needs.  Fortunately, Chad Jackson, president of independent analyst firm Lifecycle Insights, wrote a guide that provides specific direction in how to conduct a thorough PDM assessment and selection process. Click Here to Read More and Download.
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A Blinkered Approach to Staying Customer-Centric
At LEI's always-interesting Lean Post, Durward Sobek asks, "Who is fighting for your customer?" and shares a great anecdote from the chief nameplate engineer for the 2015 Ford Mustang on how his customer advocacy almost took a turn for the worse.








Copy-and-Paste Dangers, Starring the NY Jets
When you see a bungled ploy in an NFL game, you roll your eyes and reach for the chips. Lean Blog's Mark Graban also sees an outstanding — literally — example of why simply copying someone else's solution is warned against in TPS. Let's go to the tape






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