Lean Directions

Lean in Sheet Metal, 3D Printing—and Lego?







December 2014








Lean Fabricating at Metcam


Sheet-metal fabricator Metcam recently completed and implemented nine kaizen projects; reaping substantial ROI and process quality improvements.  



Top Flange Work Supports Automatically Adjust to Workpiece Height


Carr Lane Roemheld introduces a new top flange work support, with a load force up to 24,000 lbs., and a maximum operating pressure of 7500 psi. Single acting, the new work support comes in spring extended, fluid advanced and air advanced versions, and in three sizes. The supports, which have a metallic wiper edge, can be port or manifold mounted. Get complete specs in the online catalog. Carr Lane Roemheld — http://www.clrh.com/swiftsure/whats_new.html#TopFlangeWorkSupports
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Lean Culture/World Culture


Are some national cultures better suited to implement lean thinking? An article at Planet Lean, based on research on 45 Volvo factories, reflects on the role of local cultures in the rollout of a corporate lean program.






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Auburn U's Lean Building Blocks are Lego
Auburn University teaches lean principles with a state-of-the-art assembly line that builds toy cars out of Lego blocks. At their 'Tiger Motors' (according to Assembly magazine), everything is awesome.
Machines Italia: Volume IX Now Available for Download


Machines Italia, a project by the Italian Trade Agency conducted in partnership with Italy's FEDERMACCHINE, the National Federation of Association of Manufacturers of Capital Goods, and serves as your NAFTA direct link to over 10,000 Italian manufacturing solutions providers from every capital good industry. When you're looking for the competitive advantage that comes with innovative technologies, take a closer look at Italian-made industrial equipment.

Explore this edition of Machines Italia and see for yourself how advanced manufacturing technologies from Italian solution providers are helping to fuel a new era in manufacturing. Click here to access the digital edition.
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Additive Brings a New Dimension to Lean
At Reliable Plant, First American Plastic VP Steve Erickson offers seven reasons why 3D printing and lean manufacturing go hand-in-hand.





5 Quality Solutions for your Inspection Challenges


These 5 quality solutions given in this white paper come from our many years of experience working with quality engineers in manufacturing organizations. Our company and its software are always looking for ways to accelerate manufacturing and quality engineering. Pursuing software solutions to these and other challenges is our purpose as an organization. Click Here to Read More and Download.
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Robot Maker Values Human Workforce
Clearpath Robotics is a quickly growing Canadian startup that builds robots to do dangerous—but humanitarian—work. It's creating a lean culture in which 'people are encouraged to work autonomously and bring new ideas to the table.'
'Lean Startup' Guru on TPS
Interviews with The Lean Startup author Eric Ries tend to focus more on startup issues and less on lean. In a recent interview in "Entrepreneur," however, Ries gives a deep bow of appreciation to Toyota Production System father Taiichi Ohno.









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