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Lean Certification Program Process Improvements

New Information to Guide You

To improve upon the customer experience and continued success of the Lean Certification program, an extensive validation study was conducted utilizing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. The Lean Certification Alliance listened to feedback from customers, reviewed the results and recommendations from the validation study, and took action by implementing new process improvements.

Lean Certification candidates will encounter a more streamlined process in achieving certification. The hierarchical requirements — Bronze, then Silver, then Gold — have been eliminated. This allows candidates to obtain certification at the rank that is most appropriate to their career, knowledge, and experience.

The importance of demonstrating one’s lean knowledge and skills to real-world situations will continue to be exhibited through a Portfolio for Lean Bronze candidates; however, the tactical project requirement has been decreased from five projects to three. Lean Silver and Lean Gold candidates will now exhibit their knowledge and skills through an Accomplishment Record — a method of demonstrating knowledge and skills to real-world situations. Candidates will find the amount of time and effort required to complete the portfolio and Accomplishment Record more manageable. Candidates are still required to pass an exam to as part of the overall certification process and Lean Gold candidates must also pass an interview with a team of Lean Certified professionals.

New Lean Certification Blueprints provide additional useful information beyond the Body of Knowledge. Where the Body of Knowledge specifies the competencies, topics, and subtopics required by lean practitioners, the Blueprint goes a step further by specifying relevant segments of the Body of Knowledge providing additional detail on the proficiency expected for each certification rank.

An Essential Body of Work has been developed for each certification that describes tasks conducted by lean practitioners and lays the groundwork for understanding and evaluating Lean Certification requirements. This is beneficial in envisioning the role of a lean practitioner and to assist candidates in evaluating their readiness for the Lean Certification exam.

If you are currently in the process of obtaining your Lean Certification, you will be provided with the option to continue the program as applied or migrate to the evolved program. If you currently hold a Lean Certification, you will remain certified at the rank achieved. If your Lean Certification status has lapsed, now is the perfect time to consider reapplying for Lean Certification.