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Lean Certification

The Industry Standard

The alliance created and maintained by SME, AME, The Shingo Institute and ASQ brings industry together with this rigorous Lean Certification program to set the standard for Lean practices and principles across the globe.

This single industry standard for Lean provides individuals, companies and educators with a comprehensive and effective roadmap for workforce and professional development. It is the benchmark for achievements and personal growth in Lean.

The Lean Certification Difference: Building Achievement

The true strength of Lean comes over time through depth of knowledge and experience. The Lean Certification program comprises of three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – to represent the growing achievement by Lean practitioners.

Individuals begin their journey by earning the Lean Bronze Certification (LBC), focusing on the tactical level. As their careers progress, candidates build upon their professional knowledge and skill set while advancing to the Silver (integrative) and Gold (strategic) certification levels.

Lean Knowledge Progression


All certification candidates must complete the requirements of each level before they progress to the next level. This progression model shows how higher levels build upon the development acquired through previous levels.

Why Begin the Lean Journey?

There are many reasons to pursue a Lean Certification. Learn more about the benefits of Lean Certification for: