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Lean Certification Readiness Assessment

The following questions will help assess your readiness for Lean Certification. Based on your responses, you will receive a recommendation for which Lean Certification you are best qualified.

1. What statement represents you the best in performing your day to day role within the organization?

I demonstrate a solid understanding of 5S and I am responsible for one area of the organization.
I value the contributions of others, and I actively practice servant leadership while working with cross functional teams.
I create a climate of success for all, and I establish a culture of learning and empowerment that thrives on “learning by doing” and growing from mistakes.


2: You are recognized by your fellow teammates as a Lean practitioner with the ability to …..

Identify waste and to describe its impact on people who do the work.
Coach/mentor future lean facilitators in principles, systems and techniques.
Align the whole organization around lean principles and drive establishment of lean systems in all areas.


3: When working on our Lean transformation, I spend most of my time……

Identifying and using basic problem solving and data collection/analysis tools.
Using tools to link and align value streams and integrating tactical projects for value stream improvement.
Reviewing the value streams that exist within an organization and prioritizing/funding which value streams should be the focus of improvement and articulating why.


4: Through the certification process, my projects will show that I am …..

Managing a work area using visual systems and methods.
Capable of teaching Plan-Do-Check-Act problem solving methods to others.
Driving a culture of daily continuous improvement within all areas of my organization.


5: I have more than 5 years ……

Using work center metrics and appropriate lean tools that assist in attaining my objectives.
Developing and implementing appropriate management and reporting systems through collaboration with functional peers and executive leadership.
Determining Return On Investment and bottom line results from strategic improvement activities.