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The SME Leadership Series takes place four times per year in various parts of the United States, as well as Canada. Below is a photo gallery of just some of the locations the Leadership Series has traveled to and the SME members who have participated along the way.

Syracuse Leadership Series

Syracuse, N.Y., had more than 30 attendees, including four chapter chairs, three chair-elects, two secretary/treasurers, one membership retention person, one certification chair, one membership consultant and a tech group chair. It was quite a nice mixture of officers, many of which were first-time attendees. The Syracuse Leadership Series followed the traditional track in that it covers the 30-second elevator speech, recruiting/retaining the new generation of volunteer leaders, and creating/implementing a mission and vision for chapters/communities/tech groups. All attendees also learn the important role they play in being ambassadors for the Society and membership in general. This particular series also included a tour of INFICON, a leading provider of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and advanced process control software that enhance productivity and quality in sophisticated industrial vacuum processes.

 INFICON Tour Attendees (9-20-12)   Newport News Students (9-21-12)   Michalski-Davis Role Play (9-20-12)
Attendees of the INFICON plant tour, on Friday, Sept. 20,
prior to the Leadership Series.
  Students members of SME's The Apprentice School S354
student chapter who learned the value of "Sealing the Deal!"
during the Leadership Series.
  Presenter Mark Michalski (l) with attendee Kelly Davis, role
playing the 30-second eleveator speech, which expounds
on the virtues of joining and becoming involved in SME.

SME Annual Conference

Jonathan McKee, co-author of "The New Breed: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer," presented "The New Breed of Volunteer Leader, A Volunteer Power Workshop"at an SME Annual Conference, which focused on the changing volunteer culture. Participants learned just how the 21st century volunteer culture is very different because of several significant seismic shifts that have changed volunteer management. Attendees were broken up into small groups to perform various workshop-related exercises and interact with each other. After the session, McKee signed copies of his book for attendees.

AC-LeadershipSeries (6-04-12)    AC-LeadershipSeries1 (6-03-12)    AC-LeadershipSeriesC (6-04-12)
Dean Phillips, an SME membership consultant and former
chair of SME's Nashville No. 43 chapter intereacting with
another workshop attendee.
  Jonathan McKee presenting "The New Breed of Volunteer
Leader, A Volunteer Power Workshop" at the 2012 SME
Annual Conference.
  From left to right: SME International Director Ed Halloran,
LSME, CMfgE, PE, with Seattle No. 39 chapter Chair-Elect
Will Slota working on a group exercise.

Charleston Leadership Series

The Charleston, S.C., Leadership Series followed the traditional Leadership Series track for first-time attendees and less-experienced leaders. Utilizing components from the book "The New Breed: Understanding & Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer" (McKee & McKee), members were introduced to: the courting relationship in volunteer recruitment, seven deadly sins of recruiting volunteers, the "boomers" and "generation @" volunteers and leading a successful volunteer operation. 

 CH-LeadershipSeries1    CH-LeadershipSeries2    CH-LeadershipSeries3 (4-21-12)
During the Leadership Series, attendees were asked to line
up by birthdate. This is done to demonstrate the need for
open/continuous communication in leadership.
  Exchanging information and best practices is a key element
of the Leadership Series.
  Leadership Series presenter Matt Welle discussing engaging
a virtual volunteer.

St. Louis (NEW Dual-Track Format Launched!)

During the St. Louis SME Leadership Series, 70 attendees transformed and enhanced their leadership skills in conjunction with the Heart of America Leadership Conference. In addition to the 37 senior volunteer leaders, there were 33 student chapter leaders from seven student chapters on site as well. St. Louis was the first location to have the new dual-track format, which is geared toward the “experienced leader” ― past attendees and those who want to fine-tune their current leadership skills. For track 2, social networking, creating websites, Tooling U-SME and how to market events effectively were explored.

ST-LeadershipSeries1 (3-08-12)    ST-LeadershipSeries2 (3-08-12)   ST-LeadershipSeries3 (3-09-12)
Dinner on Friday evening, where all participants introduced
themselves and discussed their biggest leadership challenge.
  After creating a mission and/or vision statement, participants
are asked to share those with the whole group. This student
member presented his group's mission statement.
  A special Jeopardy!-like student competition was also held
with questions like “Of polyethylene, polypropylene,
polyester and polycarbonate…this one has the lowest tensile
strength?” (Answer: “What is polypropylene?”).