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Shannon Geoff Shannon, PhD, is a laser technology manager for Miyachi Unitek Corp., which specializes in the development of lasers and applications for existing and new markets. After receiving a PhD in laser welding technology from the University of Liverpool, Shannon's career has been centered on applications R&D and new product development of lasers and systems. He is the current chair of the Industrial Laser Community. Member Since 2009
Ball Neil Ball is the president of Directed Light Inc. Directed Light Inc is a laser technology company serving the industrial, medical and scientific laser communities worldwide since 1983. Ball has devoted his adult working life to the industrial laser industry. He has led the marketing and developing sales plans for both national and international arenas, and is the resident methodologist, working on projection of future industry trends. Member Since 2006
Dodd Andrew Dodd is a sales manager for Miyachi Unitek Corp. Previously, he was the North American sales and service manager for GSI Group Laser Division. Dodd has more than 25 years experience in laser welding technology developing applications and working in laser and system design. He received his BS in aeronautics and astronautics from Southampton University in 1982. Dodd also earned a postgraduate diploma in welding engineering in 1985. He is the current chair of the Laser Welding Tech Group. Member Since 2006
Hillenbrand Jason Hillenbrand is the laser product manager for Amada America Inc. While pursuing a bachelor's degree in manufacturing engineering technology and a minor in applied technical sciences at Northern Kentucky University, Hillenbrand started his career in fabricating technology as a programmer for lasers and turret punch presses at a large job shop in Florence, Ky. In 1996, he became a laser application engineer and laser operations trainer for a machine tool OEM. Hillenbrand began working for Amada America Inc. in 1999 as a laser consultant helping customers understand the types of lasers available for their individual applications. He later became the product manager for the laser division at Amada in 2005. The wealth of knowledge and years of hands-on experience has enabled him to speak at many events including several industry trade shows helping to promote and educate how industrial lasers have impacted the fabricating industry, as well as having several published articles discussing lasers and their practical uses for today's markets. Hillenbrand is the current chair of the Laser Cutting Tech Group. Member Since 2006
Kleine Klaus Kleine is the general manager of Laserline Inc., which specializes in laser technology, optics, medical device industry and passive optical telecom devices. Kleine was formerly a manager at Guidant, an engineering manager at Tsumani Optics and a product manager at Light Solutions. He is the current chair of the Laser Surface Treatment Tech Group. Member Since 2006
Krattley David Krattley is the vice president of sales for Preco Inc.'s Laser Equipment Division (metals markets). Krattley began his career at Preco (formerly Laser Machining Inc.) in 1989 after graduating from the University of St. Thomas. He has worked exclusively with lasers for material processing for his entire career. At Preco, Krattley is directing application development with the latest in fiber and diode-based laser sources ranging from low-power microapplications to heavy welding and heat treating with up to 10KW. He has been actively attending, chairing and presenting papers at various laser-related seminars for the past 20 years. Krattley currently serves on the Laser Institute of America board of directors. He has been actively working with diode-based laser products for 10+ years and is interested in staying in tune with the latest technology. Member Since 2006
Morris Tim Morris has been with TRUMPF for nine years having held the positions of product manager, technical sales manager. In January 2007, he was promoted to general manager. Morris is currently responsible for the sales, product management, application development and service for TRUMPF's Laser Technology Center, a leading supplier of OEM laser products to the North American markets. He received his BS in welding engineering from The Ohio State University and has 25 years of experience in automated materials processing. Morris' experience has spanned a number of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense and nuclear power. He the former chair of the Industrial Laser Community. Member Since 2003
Neff Rick Neff is manager of market development for Cincinnati Inc. Neff has a mechanical engineering degree and expertise in laser cutting, press brakes, marketing, lean manufacturing and public speaking. Member Since 1993
Penn Wayne Penn has more than 35 years of experience with laser applications. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology in physics, Penn founded PRC Company in 1976 and in the eighties and nineties worked on laser applications for NASA. In 1997, he was named president of Alabama Laser Systems, where he currently works with the company's team of engineers to pioneer and develop laser processes, produce custom laser systems and perform advanced laser research. Member Since 2010
Sabo Dale Sabo is vice president of sales and marketing for SCANLAB America, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCANLAB AG, formed in 2003. He has more than 20 years experience in optical systems and laser scanning and his experience crosses numerous industries, including aerospace and defense as well as many market segments within industrial and graphic arts involving laser scanning. Sabo received his BS in mechanical design from Bowling Green State University in 1984. He is the current chair of the Laser Marking Tech Group. Member Since 2006
Scheidt Doug Scheidt is a senior technologist for GE Aviation. Previously, he was a senior technologist laser applications at GE Transportation, a laser engineer for GE Aircraft Engines and an EOT for the University of Dayton Research Institute. Scheidt was educated at Western Hills and Xavier University. He is the current chair of the Laser Drilling Tech Group. Member Since 2007  
Member Council Liaison
Strunk Brock T. Strunk is currently chief of structures for Epic Aircraft. Previously, he was a senior structures engineer at Erickson Air-Crane Helicopter’s Inc., a level 3 stress engineer at Spirit AeroSystems, an engineering manager at Adam Aircraft and a senior structures engineer at Columbia Aircraft. At Adam Aircraft, he directed a team of engineers and manufacturing technicians who worked to improve the aircrafts' fuselage manufacturing process time and reduce the part's weight. Strunk has also developed numerous composite repair techniques and structural testing procedures for aircraft structures for both Adam and Columbia Aircraft. During his tenure at Adam and Columbia Aircraft, he played a key role in helping the companies certify the Adam 500 and Columbia 300, 350 and 400 aircraft with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. Strunk earned a BS in manufacturing engineering and a BS in mechanical engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology. He is a current member of the Member Council and is its former chair; is vice-chair of the Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community; co-chair of the Finishing Processes Tech Group; and an advisor for the Composites Manufacturing Tech Group. In 2008, Strunk was awarded SME's Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award. Member Since 1999
Member and Industry Relations Manager
Robbins Deborah Robbins has an extensive manufacturing background in the areas of human resources, benefits administration, commercial printing, new facility startup and specialty treatments for surface hardening metals used in various industries. Throughout her manufacturing career, Robbins has held numerous volunteer leadership positions on local and regional levels. As an SME member and industry relations manager since 2008, she is the liaison to the Industrial Laser Community. Robbins is passionate about helping all SME members receive the most value from their membership. Click to connect | Member Since 2006