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How You Can Participate in NAMRC

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General Information

The North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME) presents the annual North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC) as an international forum for the presentation and critical discussion of the results of basic and applied research related to manufacturing and technology development.

At NAMRC, technical innovations and new methods and applications of leading-edge technology from throughout the world are shared among manufacturing research, design, engineering and production professionals from academia and industry. Because NAMRC takes place every year, the findings and breakthroughs presented are expected to be topical and of current interest. Participants include those interested in the conduct and implementation of manufacturing research from industry, academia and government laboratories.

Papers reporting original research or perceptive critical reviews related to manufacturing processes and/or systems are sought. All papers are expected to meet high scientific standards and be relevant to the needs of the manufacturing industry. Areas of research expected to be covered are:

  • Micro and nanoscale manufacturing
  • Design, dynamics, control and accuracy of manufacturing equipment
  • Mechanics and technologies of material removal processes as well as nontraditional processes
  • Material behavior and tribology as related to manufacturing processes
  • Mechanics and technologies of material forming processes, powder consolidation, casting, welding, and processing polymer and composite materials
  • Manufacturing systems, simulation, design and concurrent engineering
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing including robotics, automation and rapid prototyping
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Rapid response and networked manufacturing
  • Education methodologies and practice related to manufacturing engineering
  • Environmentally conscious manufacturing
  • Human factors and the interaction between worker and machines relating to manufacturing processes and systems
  • Metrology

How You Can Participate

The main objective of NAMRC is to provide a forum where manufacturing researchers, scientists, engineers and educators can interact to gather and share technical information. Therefore, a 30-minute maximum time limit (including a discussion period) will be allocated for each presentation. Presentation material should effectively stimulate comments, questions and discussion among attendees.

Special Invitation to Industry Presenters
Input from industry participants is always a valuable and necessary component to the exchange of information that occurs at NAMRC. To help facilitate involvement among industry professionals, presenters are invited to participate in paper or panel form. To propose a panel, please follow the procedure outlined under "Opportunities for Special Sessions" below.

Student Award Contest
To recognize students' contributions to NAMRC, and to attract young talents to pursue careers in manufacturing research, NAMRC will also include a Student Award Contest. A student co-author of an accepted paper may enter the contest to present the paper at NAMRC. The presentation will be judged by a panel appointed by the Honors Committee of NAMRI/SME. Judges will not evaluate their own students. First, second and third-place winners will be announced during a special conference luncheon.

Opportunities for Special Sessions
In addition to written papers, you can also submit proposals for events such as workshops, tutorials and/or short courses to be held in conjunction with the conference. Proposed events should provide a forum for dissemination and discussion of technical information that remains consistent with the purpose and scope of NAMRC. Interested parties should submit a proposal to the NAMRI/SME president by Sept. 1.

Opportunities for Conference Sponsorships
Each of the NAMRC hosts offer conference sponsorship opportunities for both industry and academia participants. As an industry professional, a NAMRC sponsorship will highlight your support for the manufacturing research community and raise company's visibility with potential recruits. As an academic sponsor, you can increase your institution's visibility to foster potential future collaboration with cooperative research centers and research consortia. Various levels of sponsorships are available, ranging from the NAMRC Web site to advance program brochure to on-site promotion.

Official NAMRI/SME Publication

Accepted and properly formatted papers will be published in the annual Transactions of NAMRI/SME. Papers accepted for the Transactions are rigorously peer-reviewed by distinguished scientific, academic, industry and government researchers that are members of the NAMRI/SME Scientific Committee. An important criterion for accepting a paper for publication and presentation is the relevance of the work to industrial problems and situations and its potential usefulness to practicing engineers.

Procedure for Submitting Papers

Submit the completed paper via the conference website here. The deadline for full-length manuscript (paper) submissions is Dec. 15. Note: No abstract-only submissions. Full papers are to be submitted and will only be accepted via the conference website. You can contact the NAMRI/SME Scientific Committee Chair, Albert J. Shih, PhD, FSME, for questions only. Please do not use this email for submission of papers!


NAMRI/SME is an organization dedicated to manufacturing research and technology development. Its mission is to advance manufacturing engineering by promoting research and its application in industry.

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