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2013 SME International Honor Award Recipients

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These five SME International Honor Awardees were recognized for their significant contributions to the field of manufacturing engineering in the areas of manufacturing technologies, processes, technical writing, education, research, and management.
 Paul Oldroyd Paul K. Oldroyd
Technical Fellow, Engineering & Manufacturing Process Development
Bell Helicopter / Textron Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas 

Paul Oldroyd is recognized with the Donald C. Burnham Manufacturing Management Award for his development of manufacturing tooling and processes to achieve “industry firsts” in thick-carbon rotor and airframe components, and for automation of composites wing and rotor fabrication contributing to the successful production of the V22 tilt rotor aircraft. Oldroyd is a technical fellow for Bell Helicopter. During his 28-year career at Bell, he has distinguished himself as an expert in technology development and maturation, production strategy and manufacturing management — particularly in the areas of advanced composites and automated manufacturing. Oldroyd's responsibilities also include providing Bell and other Textron business units with current intelligence regarding state-of-the-art and future-state fabrication, automation, assembly and integration technologies for aircraft platforms. In previous roles, he was on the plenary team that conceived, developed and established the Composites Center of Excellence at Bell and the Bell XworX Development Center. Subsequently, Oldroyd managed the production of composite rotor manufacturing for Bell Helicopter. Among other distinctions, he was instrumental in defining the manufacturing processes for the V-22 wing and rotor systems, which demonstrated many firsts in the production utilization of advanced composite structures for aircraft. Oldroyd is a frequent author and presenter at technical conferences, and has served on numerous advisory boards and councils for professional societies, within the Textron enterprise, and on international consortia. He holds patents and has patents pending for many process and product inventions. Oldroyd is a two-time recipient of the Textron Chairman’s Award for Innovation, which is the highest technology award for the Textron enterprise. He is also a recipient of the Robert L. Pinkney Award for Excellence in Manufacturing Innovation from the American Helicopter Society. Oldroyd holds a bachelor's in chemistry from Brigham Young University.

Kanji Ueda Kanji Ueda, PhD 
Emeritus Professor
University of Tokyo

Kanji Ueda is recognized with the SME Frederick W. Taylor Research Medal for his innovative contributions to improving both on-the-process level (chip formation mechanisms) and system-level (modeling and control of manufacturing systems), and his unique focus on the interactions of manufacturing, economy and society. Ueda is emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo, where he was previously a professor and director of the RACE (Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering). Since 1972, Ueda has engaged in research and teaching in several universities besides the University of Tokyo, such as Auckland University, Kanazawa University, Kobe University and Stuttgart University, in the fields of metal-cutting theory, manufacturing systems, emergent synthesis and co-creative decision making. He has published more than 400 scientific papers, also been given several best paper awards and research grants. Ueda has been taking part in editorial boards of several international journals and is a member of the Science Council of Japan. He was recently elected vice-president elect of CIRP (the International Academy for Production Engineering). Ueda has been vice president of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, since 2009. 

Moshe Shpitlani Moshe Shpitalni, DSc, FSME
Georg Schlesinger Professor in Manufacturing Systems
Head, Laboratory for CAD & Lifecycle Engineering
Department Mechanical Engineering
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Technion, Haifa, Israel 

Moshe Shpitalni is recognized with the SME Albert M. Sargent Progress Award for his outstanding accomplishments in manufacturing science and technologies, and for his breakthrough developments that have improved manufacturing methods and manufacturing systems. Shpitalni, holder of the Georg Schlesinger chair in manufacturing systems, received his BS in 1972, his MS in 1975 and his DSc in 1980 from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Shpitalni joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion in 1983 and founded the Laboratory for CAD & Lifecycle Engineering. He has published more than 120 papers and supervised more than 30 PhD and master's students in the field of computer-aided design and manufacturing. Shpitalni is a fellow of SME, ASME and CIRP; recipient of the German Technion Prize; and holder of the honor advisory professorship at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has served as chair of the CIRP Scientific Technical Committee on Design and has sat on advisory committees to the EU, DFG and several universities. Shpitalni currently serves as deputy vice president for academic affairs at the Technion, and previously (2006-11) was dean of the Irwin and Joan Jacobs Graduate School at the Technion.

Mark Stratton Mark J. Stratton
Education Relations Manager
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Dearborn, Mich. 

Mark Stratton is recognized with the SME Education Award for a professional career filled with pioneering and significant accomplishments furthering the professionalism of manufacturing engineering through visionary leadership in the manufacturing education community. Stratton is an education relations manager with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Since 1974, Stratton has held various positions within SME, leading the professional development of manufacturing practitioners; the development, advancement and quality of manufacturing curriculum in engineering and technology programs; workforce development; and attracting students into manufacturing. He plays a key role representing SME and advancing the Society’s agenda in higher education through the SME Center for Education, the Manufacturing Education & Research Community, the Accreditation Committee and the North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME). Stratton is also involved in the Manufacturing Division and the Corporate Member Council of the American Society for Engineering Education. He is an Eastern Michigan University graduate.

Jun Ni

Jun Ni,
Shien-Ming “Sam” Wu Collegiate Professor of Manufacturing Science
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Mich.


Jun Ni is recognized with the SME Gold Medal for seminal contributions to the science of integrating innovative modeling and control of machining processes that resulted in up-to-an-order-of-magnitude improvement in manufacturing accuracy and doubling productivity improvement in many industrial plants. Ni is the Shien-Ming “Sam” Wu collegiate professor of manufacturing science and a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. He serves as the founding dean of the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute located in Shanghai, China, since 2006. Ni is also the director of the S.M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center and the co-director of a National Science Foundation-sponsored Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems at the University of Michigan. Among many honors and awards that Ni has received is being elected a fellow of the International Society of Engineering Asset Management, the International Society for Nanomanufacturing, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and SME; the 2010 Magnolia Gold Medal from Shanghai Government; the 2009 ASME William T. Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award; the 1994 Presidential Faculty Fellows Award from President Bill Clinton; and the 1991 SME Outstanding Manufacturing Engineers Award.