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GeoTol Pro Geometric Tolerancing Fundamentals Training Program Image

GeoTol Pro Geometric Tolerancing Fundamentals Training Program

Produced By: Technical Consultants Inc

Video Length: 32 hours

Published: 08/04/2010
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SME Members: $ 8500.00
Non members: $ 9300.00


GeoTol Fundamentals Training program contains 17 video modules and one updated unit on the changes and improvements to ASME 14.5M-2009. View a video clip of the program at bottom of the page and other clips on our YouTube channel.

Based on the latest ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO-GPS standards, this video training program will accommodate the information needs of novices to advanced users of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. The program offers flexibility as units of interest can be viewed separately or in sequence — from basic to advanced GD&T concepts.

Program leaders Scott and Al Neumann use hundreds of color animations and wood and plastic models that simulate parts, gages, and measurement equipment to demonstrate inspection techniques as well as measurement data reporting practices. Covering the concerns of design; manufacturing and quality control; the basic philosophies of how, when, and where to apply geometric dimensioning; and tolerancing along with common-sense tips for producing quality parts are explained.

Reinforce your training by using the GeoTol Pro Workbook and GeoTol Pocket Guide alongside this program. Student exercises are spaced throughout the training program. Solutions to all the exercises, along with the rationales, are presented in the video training program. A GeoTol Pro Leader's Guide is also available to help facilitate instruction.

This course is for engineers, designers, drafters, quality, procurement, tooling, production, purchasing manufacturing, CAD, inspection and shop personnel — virtually anyone who needs to read and understand the language of engineering drawings.

Program Contents

  • Unit 1: Introduction - Symbols and Terms, 77 minutes
  • Unit 2: Limits of Size, 47 minutes
  • Unit 3: How the Geometric System Works, Parts 1 & 2 (2 DVDs), 95 mininutes
  • Unit 4: Position Verification, 34 minutes
  • Unit 5: Product Plans and Virtual Condition, 48 minutes
  • Unit 6: The Datum Reference Frame, 76 minutes
  • Unit 7: Datum Feature Modifiers, 54 minutes
  • Unit 8: The Datum Reference Frame II, Targets and Irregular Surfaces, 47 minutes
  • Unit 9: The Datum Reference Frame III, Advanced Concepts, 77 minutes
  • Unit 10: Form Tolerances, 26 minutes
  • Unit 11: Orientation Tolerances, 35 minutes
  • Unit 12: Profile Tolerances, Parts 1 & 2 (2 DVDs), 86 minutes
  • Unit 13: Position Tolerances, 50 minutes
  • Unit 14: Coaxial Tolerances, 58 minutes
  • Unit 15: Fastener Formulas and Screw Threads, 24 minutes
  • Unit 16: Boundaries, 39 minutes
  • Unit 17: Application Exercises, 65 minutes
  • Update Unit: Changes and Improvements in ASME Y14.5-2009, 65 minutes

Length: 16 hours of video plus 16 hours of student exercises and solutions = 32 hours