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Take Part in Newest Member Engagement Opportunity at SME!

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Dear SME Member:

Charles CaristanMy name is Charles Caristan, a community advisor for SME’s Forming & Fabricating Community. I wanted to share goods news on the latest engagement opportunity at SME — the Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki. At the core of the new manufacturing wiki is the nine-volume, encyclopedic-printed reference source, SME’s “Tool & Manufacturing Engineers Handbook.” These uniquely valuable handbooks have been digitized into a new Web-based manufacturing knowledge wiki.

This drive to digitization opens up opportunities for contemporary updates of both content and format. To that end, I am leading the effort to appoint technical experts in forming and fabricating subject matters. This represents a great opportunity for you to make an impact on how things are made by publishing content related to forming and fabricating.

As an SME member with forming and fabricating interests, I am calling on you to participate in one of these opportunities:  

1. Contribute technical content. You can start any time — just login at
2. If you are savvy at providing technical reviews, you could become a reviewer.
3. If you have editorial experience, you could become an editor.
4. If you know of people who are subject-matter experts in manufacturing, recommend them to SME for appointment as such.  

To get started, you can:

• View the instructional video of new wiki site.
• You can inquire further by entering information on Web form; SME staff will contact you directly.
• Contact me directly at

The F&F Community’s goal is to appoint technical experts in major categories and subcategories, and encourage each member to contribute new entries into the manufacturing wiki. Click here for technical categories. If your technical area does not appear, that just means you can start a new category, and be the first to contribute in it within established guidelines for publishing in this wiki.


The goal is to effectively enrich the topic, while efficiently utilizing your valuable time and knowledge.Also, please consider how to insert topics you have previously written with relatively little modifications or rewriting into the digital manufacturing resource.

Thank you for consideration of your time and expertise in this important new member engagement opportunity. 


Caristan Signature
Charles Caristan, PhD
F&F Community Advisor
SME Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki
International Fellow with Air Liquide

                    Lowell Signature
Natalie Lowell, CMfgT
Manager, Member Engagement
Forming & Fabricating Community
Society of Manufacturing Engineers