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Powering Up Wearable Tech, Making the Most of Wind, Fueling up with Farm Waste







September 2014








Fueling up with Farm Waste


A new plant in Iowa is producing ethanol made from farm waste, such as leaves and stalks from corn plants. While supporters believe the plant will be a boon for the biofuel industry, the oil industry maintains that ethanol isn’t economically viable.  
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Making the Most of the Wind
For Vestas Nacelles (Lem, Denmark), measurement is more than part inspection. Learn about their strict quality policy, and how it enables consistent production of hubs, housings, and other steel-made structural elements for wind turbines.








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Perovskites – The Future of Solar?
Perovskites, a crystalline material that can absorb both visible and infrared light, have been hailed as a low-cost, high-performance solution for solar cells since 2009. But creating the crystals uniformly has proved a challenge – until now.
How do Machine Tool Vendors Sell More Hardware?


The Machine Tool Vendor’s Dilemma outlines the challenges software represents to the machine tool vendor. Today’s customers expect applications to come along with the equipment and software can sometimes introduce technical challenges; however, software can significantly help grow sales by enabling unique functionality that provides true differentiation. Click Here to Read More and Download White Paper.
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Training Tomorrow's Energy Engineers
Since its inception in the 70s, thousands of engineering students have participated in the Energy Department's Industrial Assessment Centers program. Read about this valuable workforce initiative, and how it benefits students and manufacturers alike.








Powering Up Wearable Tech
A new startup has a solution to short battery life in wearable devices: adding a second, low-power processor. Designed just for wearable tech, the chip would extend battery life by relieving the device's main processor of listening to voice commands.
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