Energy Manufacturing

Meet the New Alternative to Keystone XL: The Energy East Pipeline







October 2014








Clean Coal Era Begins


As manufacturers struggle to balance coal usage with emission standards, CO2 capture and storage projects are gaining steam. But as one industry expert writes, increased government subsidies and support are needed to make such projects profitable.



Modern Machine Tool Company


Modern Machine Tool Company was founded in 1916. They are pioneers in the design and manufacturing of precision lathe-type cutoff machines and feeders for metal tube, pipe, rod and bar stock. They have continued to engineer and refine their machines for about 100 years, to give you the maximum speed and accuracy you need to keep up in today’s production race. Visit us online at
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Battery Breakthrough: Stable Lithium Anodes


A Stanford research team has developed a stable pure lithium anode that could improve battery life while cutting costs. Click through to learn how this development could change how we power everything from consumer electronics to electric vehicles.






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New Drilling Techniques Reduce Impact


As drilling moves closer to homes in Colorado, the state’s biggest drillers are looking for ways to minimize their impact. Read about the new technologies that are allowing manufacturers to service wells and waste operations from miles away.



Get Leaner With Bluebeam® Revu®


From design to fabrication, Bluebeam® Revu® provides manufacturing firms with 2D and 3D PDF-based workflow solutions that improve project communication and productivity. Bluebeam Revu combines the power of CAD to PDF conversion technology with easy-to-use markup tools to streamline communication and reduce paper usage and costs. Learn how Bluebeam Revu speeds up the design review process and increases manufacturing efficiency. Download a 30-day trial of Bluebeam Revu at
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Pipe Dream Comes True
Most consider threading a simple secondary turning operation, but nothing could be further from the truth at Borusan Mannesmann Pipe US Inc. Learn how using innovative cells allows the Texas-based steel pipe producer to thread its way to a faster output.








Complimentary Invitation to International TOSM & Smart Mobility Business Meetings 2014 in Turin, Italy


The Italian Trade Agency (I.T.A.) is inviting qualified companies a complimentary opportunity to attend the International TOSM & Smart Mobility Business Meetings on November 12 & 13, 2014, in Turin Italy, within Smart Mobility World, the European reference event for the mobility of the XXI century. The event offers a B2B agenda with Italian and International Buyers, characteristics and technologies concerning the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Smart Mobility, and Solutions for local public transport and regional railways, green vehicles, telematics and infrastructures, and technologies for parking. Qualified companies will have their travel expenses covered by us. Visit our website for details. Deadline for interested US companies is October 17, 2014.
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Energy for a Rainy Day
Storing energy generated from renewables remains a challenge, with storage ten times more expensive than generating electricity from fossil fuels. Learn how utility companies are chasing what one analyst calls “the holy grail” of energy storage.
No Keystone XL? No Problem


With Obama delaying a decision on Keystone XL, TransCanada has its eye on an all-Canadian route to get oil sands to refineries on the East Coast. Meet Energy East, a 2,858-mile pipeline that would cross six provinces and four time zones.



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