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As an educator, you are challenged to provide the education students need to begin successful careers in manufacturing and related fields. By incorporating certifications and assessments into your curriculum, you can determine if students achieve the intended learning outcome. Download a PDF explaining the different programs and benefits.

Outcome Assessment Programs

The Benefits

Certification and assessments can be utilized to add value to your course and help align it to current industry needs.

  • Provides objective measurement against program objectives for grants and funding approval.
  • Supports ABET or other accreditation requirements for measuring learning outcomes.
  • Improves understanding of knowledge transfer from you to your classroom.
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses within your curriculum program.
  • Enables you to evaluate future curriculum content decisions.
  • Establishes trends over time to identify how curriculum changes directly affect the exam’s outcome.
  • Gives students a credential from day one as they start new careers.
  • Helps students build qualifications for future roles and prepare for careers in the industry.

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