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Additive Manufacturing for Composite Tooling Topic: Additive Manufacturing for Composite Tooling
Presenter: David Dahl, Applications Engineer, Stratasys Inc.
Synopsis: During this webinar, Dahl walks you through the process of designing and manufacturing a 3D-printed composite tool capable of withstanding 350ºF (176ºC) autoclave cure cycles.
Surface Analyst Webinar (5-12-16) Topic: Guaranteeing Adhesion Success in Manufacturing: Controlling your Surface with the Surface Analyst
Presenter: Lucas Dillingham, Sales Engineer, BTG Labs
Synopsis: This webinar briefly reviews the relationships between surface composition, cleanliness, adhesion and surface energy. It also reviews BTG Labs' approach for measuring surface properties in manufacturing by rapid and quantitative contact angle measurements. Attendees will also receive a demonstration of the Surface Analyst™ tool developed by BTG Labs.
AM-Composites 9-15-15 Topic: Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) Technology
Presenter: Jeff DeGrange, Chief Commercial Officer, Impossible Objects
Synopsis: Imagine using carbon-fiber composite materials in additive manufacturing processes to produce cost-effective, high-strength parts that are 50 percent lighter than equivalent metal components. As the pioneer of composite-based additive manufacturing technology (CBAM), presenter Jeff DeGrange will share his insights into this recent technological breakthrough.
3D Process Analytics 10-22-14 Webinar Title: 3D Process Analytics for Carbon Composites Manufacturing 
Presenter: Tom Sharp, PhD, Principal, Etegent Technologies Ltd.
Synopsis: The fabrication of carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic (CFRP) structures is generating more and more digital data. These data include NDI, dimensional, thermocouple, material properties and many other forms of process data. Currently, integrating all of these data into a global view of the process is very difficult. Typically each data set is analyzed in its own software package, limiting the ability to integrate the multiple data types. This webinar discusses work being supported by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, industrial partners such as Spirit AeroSystems, and early adopters such as GKN Aerospace, to develop a software package to collect, organize, archive and analyze these data.
Carbon Fiber Structures (5-22-14) Title: Carbon Fiber Structures: Ultrasound Camera Inspection
Presenter: Jan Olav Endrerud, VP of Product and Marketing, Dolphitech AS, Norway
Synopsis: The DolphiCam is a new ultrasound camera system for inspection of carbon-fiber structures. During this webinar, the technology and its capabilities are presented. Endrerud will also demonstrate how Dolphitech's TeamCenter software uses the DolphiCam to create a solution for team-based NDT.
Composites Thermal Analysis Title: Carbon Foam Composite Tooling
Presenter: Brian Joseph, President/CEO, Touchstone Research Laboratory
Synopsis: In this webinar, presenter Brian Joseph shares the results of 10 years of development for the use of CFOAM carbon foam for building composite tools. Among the areas covered in the presentation are: low-cost rapid prototype tooling, durable tooling, electrically heated tooling and high-temperature tooling.
Composites Thermal Analysis (12-14-13) Title: Solving Composites Manufacturing Problems with Thermal Analysis 
Presenter: Joy Wu, PhD, President, Pinnacle Materials Laboratory
Synopsis: Many composites manufacturing issues arise from temperature setting and material behaviors. Thermal analysis is an analytical technique that can be used to elucidate process-structure-property relationship. This webinar discusses how thermal analysis can be an effective tool to assist composites manufacturing of thermosetting materials. It also provides case studies where processing steps are evaluated using thermal analysis techniques. In some cases, solutions can be found by adding a simple QC test.
PCC Trends (11-01-13) Title: Plastics, Composites & Coatings Industry Trends and Developments 
Presenters: Louis Dorworth, Manager, Abaris Direct Services, Abaris Training
Synopsis: Providing manufacturing knowledge to support a healthy manufacturing base is at the forefront of SME. Knowledge sharing and collaboration of resources will strengthen manufacturing today and drive change for a technologically advanced manufacturing workforce in the next 20 years. In this session, attendees hear from Louis Dorworth, Abaris Training, on the latest industry and technology trends and changes within the manufacturing community as they relate to Plastics, Composites & Coatings.
Rapid Tooling for Composites (2-21-13 Webinar) Title: Rapid Tooling for Composites 
Presenters: Linda Clements, PhD, CEO, and John Crowley, PhD, CTO, Nevada Composites Inc.
Synopsis: This webinar addresses the use of additive fused deposition modeling (FDM) manufacturing combined with new tooling solutions based on advanced, low-density, water-soluble ceramics to provide previously unobtainable design flexibility, while offering significant improvements in both manufacturing time and cost.
Non-Destructive Inspection (7-12 PCC Webinar) Title: Non-Destructive Inspection of Advanced Composite Structures 
Presenter: Louis C. "Lou" Dorworth, Manager, Abaris Direct Services, Abaris Training
Synopsis: This webinar explores different methods of nondestructive inspection used in the repair of advanced composite structures. Highlights include the abilities and limitations of the various equipment and techniques in use today along with what is needed in the future.
Composites Tooling Title: Tooling for Composite Manufacture, Repair & Replacement

Presenter: Linda L. Clements, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO, Nevada Composites
This informative webinar features Green-AeroSM tooling from Nevada Composites. It discusses specific applications: both single-sided tools and washout mandrels, including rapid approaches such as producing Green-Aero tooling from molds built by fused deposition modeling (FDM). Applications include aerospace ducting to motorcycle fairings. Green-Aero tooling is based on a recycled material, and both the tool fabrication process and all washout byproducts are ecofriendly.
RVB Title: Reusable Vacuum Bag Technology — Design, Manufacture & Repair 
Presenter: Richard A. "Dick" Lofland, FSME, President, Richard Lofland and Associates
Synopsis: This webinar discusses information on the design and manufacturing process of your own reusable vacuum bag using a 10-step process. It also gives an overview on how to repair and maintain the RVB when in service, as well as cost savings achieved by users.
Isobar Title: Critical Composite Processing Using Isobar Heat Pipe-Based Technologies 
Presenter: Joseph Ouellette, Chief Technical Officer and President, Acrolab Ltd.
Synopsis: Webinar attendees receive an in-depth presentation on the benefits of various heat pipe and thermosyphon-based heat transfer methodologies used in various composite molding and processing applications. The webinar also explains how incorporating the methodologies and technology of "super thermal devices" in traditional curing systems and existing tooling can improve cure times and product performance properties.
FOD Title: Addressing Quality and FOD Issues in Composites Layup 
Presenter: Scott Blake, Founder and President, Assembly Guidance Systems
Synopsis: This webinar discusses the benefits and requirements for running automatic ply verification (APV) in composites production. An overview will also be given of various new technologies that address some, but not all, cases of foreign object damage (FOD) problems in hand-laid composites. In addition, understanding transition requirements to support automatic verification and documentation of correct ply presence, sequence, material type, fiber orientation, ply location and the absence of full-ply backing FOD will be discussed.
CFRP1 Title: Simulation Model: Understanding the Process of Drilling and Milling CFRP and CFRP/Titanium Stacks for Aeronautic Applications Presenter: Peter Mueller-Hummel, PhD, BU Aerospace
Synopsis: This webinar characterizes the special features of milling and drilling carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and develops aspects for new tool geometries for milling CFRP-titanium. Simplified theoretic models will show how CFRP should be machined and what has to be observed with these new developments. Low-axial forces are the main characteristics of the drilling tool optimized in this way, which makes it especially suited for being used in drilling feed units.

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APV Title: Automatic Ply Verification (APV) for Hand Laid Composites Presenter: Scott Blake, Assembly Guidance
Synopsis: Because hand lay-up quality processes have many opportunities for error, and there are many well-documented instances of incorrect part lay-up, APV is an important topic in composites manufacturing. Automatic ply verification (APV) is a mature and cost-effective system that generates physical evidence of correct ply location, fiber orientation, material type, ply presence, sequence and fill/warp. Learn about APV - history, systems, operation, certification, quality documentation, full-ply liner FOD detection and APV applications in composite repair.
MD900 Title: Structural Composites Components Used on the MD900 Explorer Helicopter
Presenter: Richard A. "Dick" Lofland, FSME, Richard Lofland & Associates
Synopsis: Topics discussed include the background and capabilities of the MD900 Explorer helicopter and the composites used on this helicopter, as well as the material selection and testing related to fuselage, rotor system and NOTAR system. An interesting case study of composites use, this helicopter is 43 percent composites by structural weight.
RFID 1 Title: RFID for Composites 
Presenter: Tim J. Shinbara Jr., Northrop Grumman Corp.
Synopsis: See why, where and how aerospace companies are looking to move toward a radio frequency based, network-centric environment. This webinar also discusses areas of supplier integration and strategic planning for future deployments, including challenges and lessons learned.
Adhesive Bonding Title: Adhesive Bonding of Composite Structures – Part 2
Presenter: Louis C. "Lou" Dorworth, Abaris Direct Services
Synopsis: Dorworth expands on his 2007 webinar "Adhesive Bonding of Composites Structures" and discusses topics such as peel ply, surface preparation of composite structures, vacuum on the adhesive during an elevated temperature cure and more.
Autoclave Title: Quickstep: An Out of Autoclave Innovation for Advanced Composites Fabrication
Presenter: Dale Brosius, Quickstep Technologies
Synopsis: An out-of-autoclave, fiber-reinforced polymer composite curing technology has been developed, which uses a heat transfer fluid (HTF) to apply heat and pressure to the uncured component during processing. The HTF enables precise control of the stack temperature throughout the curing process. Savings on process time, energy and overall component manufacturing costs are several key features of this technology. This presentation also presents comparative data to established autoclave processing of qualified materials.
Adhesive Bonding 2 Title: Adhesive Bonding of Composite Structures
Presenter: Louis C. "Lou" Dorworth, Abaris Direct Services
Synopsis: Technical and practical perspectives are given on producing reliable, adhesively bonded joints for composites. Materials considered include: composite-to-composite, honeycomb, foam core and thermoplastics. Surface preparation techniques and adhesive application are also outlined.
Ceramic Tooling Title: The Potential for Ceramics in Tooling
Presenter: Ron Jones, PhD, Horizon Ceramics Ltd. & Horizon Composites Ltd.
Synopsis: For decades attempts have been made to replace more traditional tooling, such as metal, with ceramic tooling. This presentation includes the range of ceramic tooling benefits. In addition, it traces some of the history of ceramic tooling development and attempts to suggest how some of the problems are now being overcome, showing that ceramics are a real alternative in a wide range of processes.
Composite Repair Title: The Essentials of Composites Repair
Presenter: Louis C. "Lou" Dorworth, Abaris Direct Services
Synopsis: Explore the essentials of composite repair as an overview, from a hands-on and practical standpoint reinforced with technical information.
Lay-Up Tooling Title: Lay-Up Tooling for Composites
Presenter: David Dickson, The Boeing Company
Synopsis: The requirements for tools for lay-up and cure of large structural composite parts, such as those for the new 787 Dreamliner, are touched on. This presentation focuses mainly on the materials that might be selected for the tooling and the reasons why. It will also briefly discuss fabrication methods and sources for components, materials and complete tools.
Buckypaper Title: Carbon Nanotube and Nanofiber Bucky Paper Composites for Multifunctional Applications
Presenter: Ben Wang, PhD, High-Performance Materials Institute, Florida State University
Synopsis: The presentation covers nanocomposites as they relate to: electrical conductivity; thermal conductivity, an alternative for people who have tried to incorporate nanocomposites with epoxy and had failed results; lightweight strength applications; how to use nanocomposites in a less-costly way; and more.