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Excellence in Composites Manufacturing Award Recipients

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In recognition of the valuable contributions within the composites manufacturing industry, the Composites Manufacturing Tech Group, which is part of SME's Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community, developed two technical awards to acknowledge the valuable roles that both large and small manufacturers play within the industry. The awards are bestowed during SME's annual Composites Manufacturing event. Below are the recipients of these awards.


Fives logo Fives Large Company  


Fives Cincinnati, formerly Cincinnati Milacron and MAG Cincinnati, has been on the vanguard of technology for composites laminating equipment, process and software for the past 36 years.The products and systems of the Fives Cincinnati brand greatly influenced and promoted the use of advanced composites materials by the aerospace industry, in both military and commercial sectors. More

Abaris Training Logo Abaris Small Company  


Abaris has been providing advanced composite training and services to industry since 1983 and has trained over 22,000 people from over 68 countries since its inception. Over time, Abaris has transformed to primarily a training and services provider to all industries utilizing composite materials in manufacturing, providing engineering, manufacturing, tooling, repair, NDI, training and consulting services to thousands of customers worldwide. More


Lockheed Martin Logo Lockheed Martin Large Company Winner  


Lockheed Martin is recognized for its long track record of manufacturing aerospace composite structures and continuous demonstrations of reducing the number of parts and fasteners, and for using and advancing innovative tooling and process technology. More

 Exelis Aerostructures Logo Exelis Small Company Winner  


Exelis Aerostructures was acknowledged for its innovative use of a patented technology to produce airplane floor-beam struts, which exceed other methods in weight reduction, and for its continuous process improvements, focus on customer-centered product development, and service and quality. More 


ATK Logo 2014 Excellence in Composites Small Company  

Mike Henry, ATK Aerospace Structures Division (left), with Lou Dorworth (right), chair of SME's Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community. More



Northrop Grumman

Large Company 2013    


Dave Dickson (left), The Boeing Co., with Northrop Grumman's Todd Szallay (right). More

Janicki Industries Small Company 2013  


Brian Holmes, Janicki Industries, 2013 Excellence in Composites Manufacturing: Small Company awardee. More 



Boeing Logo

Large Company 2012  


Lou Dorworth (left), chair of SME's Plastics, Composites & Coating Community, with Dave Dickson of The Boeing Co. More

Encore Composites Logo

Small Company 2012  


Lou Dorworth (left), chair, SME's Plastics, Composites & Coating Community, with Brian Jones of Encore Structures Inc. More



Callaway Golf Logo

2011 Large Company Awardee



A Callaway Golf representative with Brock Strunk (right), former chair of the Composites Manufacturing Tech Group. More


Royal Engineered Composites


Small Company 2011



A Royal Engineered Composites representative with Brock Strunk (right), former chair of SME's Composites Manufacturing Tech Group. More