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Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) Online Review Program

“The CMfgT review course is appropriate for engineers and non-engineers, novices and professionals. The review course could be used as a self-paced class on the fundamentals of manufacturing for individuals, or used as an online review class augmented with an instructor or trainer for groups.”

Phil Rufe
Eastern Michigan University

CMfgT Body of Knowledge
  Automated Systems & Controls
Manufacturing Management
Manufacturing Process Application & Operation
Math, Applied & Engineering
Personal Effectiveness
Product, Process Design & Development
Production System & Equipment
Quality & Continuous Improvement


Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) Online Review Program and the CMfgT Self Assessment are two options to help prepare certification candidates for the CMfgT Exam with 62 online courses with integrated quizzes that cover a breadth of content within the CMfgT body of knowledge (BOK) (PDF).

Practice with the CMfgT Self-Assessment program: The CMfgT assessment gives candidates a chance to evaluate their level of competency prior to taking the actual CMfgT exam. With the assessment program, students have access to multiple practice tests where they can get a feel for the exam and the style of questions. Comprised of brand new and retired exams, candidates are assured of valuable time-tested content. Following each practice exam, candidates will receive a score report based on their performance and correlation to the body of knowledge.

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Review with the CMfgT Online Course: The CMfgT online course is comprised of 62 classes mapped to the body of knowledge of the actual CMfgT exam. Candidates can dig deep and focus on any area they feel more knowledge is needed. Whether a few or all 62 classes, students can pace their study for added results. With courses revamped on a continuous basis, candidate are assured of having course work that maps right back to the BOK aiding in preparation for the exam and as a workforce development tool. Click here to see a full list of 62 classes.

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With the ToolingU online LMS system, candidates are engaged with audio, video, and interactive exercises for sustained involvement. Intuitive with an easy-to navigate interface, candidates can access content and practice anytime, 24/7 wherever there is Internet connection.

Key benefits:

  • Candidates gain practice with types of questions on the CMfgT exam
  • Candidates assess areas of BOK where more study is needed
  • Candidates gain confidence with multiple practice opportunities
  • Organizations gain assurance employees meet uniform industry standards
  • Organizations provide employees an easy-to-use resource at work or home
  • Organizations can partner with an industry-driven certification body


CMfgT Online Review Program – Sustained Knowledge
There is a wealth of knowledge one can gain before taking the CMfgT program. In addition to the Assessment and Online offerings, there are recommended reading materials that give added insight, terminology, and reinforced contextual content. Whether you just want to test-drive and get a feel for the exam with CMfgT Self-Assessment program or explore more deeply with the CMfgT Online Course, or both, the CMfgT Online Review Program gives you the added confidence to excel for the CMfgT exam and prepare for your career in manufacturing.