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Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) Certification

Showcase your advanced manufacturing engineering knowledge and boost your credentials with a CMfgE certification.

Professionals who earn a CMfgE demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and practices. Pursuing a CMfgE certification requires a minimum of 8 years of combined manufacturing-related education and/or work experience, including a minimum of 4 years of work experience. A CMfgT with a minimum of 7 years manufacturing-related work experience and/or education also qualifies.

Exam topics include the following:

• Math
• Applied science
• Design
• Materials
• Manufacturing processes
• Manufacturing management
• Manufacturing economics
• Quality control
• Computer applications
• Automation


You can do this!
Follow these Steps to earn your CMfgE Certification


  1. Assess your readiness

    This self-assessment program helps individuals evaluate their manufacturing knowledge and prepare for the SME Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) Exam. Through a series of approximately 125 questions and answers, the program determines a person's strengths and weaknesses by knowledge area. Self-Assessment Program

  3. Prepare for the exam

    To earn this certification you should demonstrate your understanding of the CMfgE Body of Knowledge (PDF), including product and tool design, facility operations, floor operations and material handling. Also see the Competency Model (PDF) which identifies roles and responsibilities of a CMfgE. Preparation resources include recommended reference books, and classroom review programs. Click here for Recommended Reading List

  5. Apply for the exam

    Exams are offered in both an online and paper pencil format. Learn your results immediately by taking the online exam.

  7. Take the test

    The CMfgE exam allows four hours and consists of 180 multiple choice questions covering subjects including math, applied science, design, materials, manufacturing processes, manufacturing management, manufacturing economics, quality control, computer applications, and automation. Online testing is available. Prices are based on status as a student, member of SME, and whether or not the exam is online or paper based.

  9. Interpret your results

    Use your exam results to make decisions about your professional development. Your Examination Analysis report will tell you about your areas of strength and where you can improve. Sample (PDF)

  11. Plan your next step

    Depending on your test results, you will be able to retake the exam, start planning for recertification or aim for another certification.


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Continuing education is part of the recertification process and will prepare you for Lean Certification or the SME-sponsored Six Sigma certification.