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Learn the Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing

To achieve the Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Certification, you must show you are able to understand and demonstrate the fundamental concepts and processes of additive.

The certification in Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals is the first and only certification validating an individual’s knowledge of industry-standard concepts in additive manufacturing, based on revisions to the Additive Manufacturing Body of Knowledge by the Additive Manufacturing Leadership Initiative (AMLI) in 2016.

It is ideal for individuals working in or seeking to work in additive manufacturing roles in automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment. It is also ideal for high schools and colleges as a capstone or standalone achievement to increase workforce readiness in additive manufacturing. The additive manufacturing industry is expected to grow exponentially, with the global value of the industry estimated to reach over $10 billion by 2021. The certification in Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals prepares individuals for success in this rapidly growing field.

Nonmember $249
SME Member $159
College Student $75
High School Student $50


Nonmember $279
SME Member $189
College Student $105
High School Student $80

Process to Earn Your Certification

1. Assess your knowledge and experience


2. Read the Recommended Reading Material
Exam questions are based on specific Recommended Reading Material selected by knowledgeable and experienced individuals.

3. Evaluate your AM knowledge
These resources can help you assess and evaluate your additive knowledge before you take the exam.

Classroom Review Program: This collaborative, instructor-led review program helps solidify your understanding of the body of knowledge. It is an invaluable opportunity to prepare you for the exam and provide you with a foundation for completing the program.

There are no classroom review programs scheduled at this time.

Optional Additional Preparation:

If you are interested in taking any of the online courses below please click here to set up an individual subscription.

4. Apply for the exam, schedule and take the exam


The additive manufacturing fundamentals exam is offered in online and paper pencil formats. You have one year to complete the exam from the date you apply.

The additive manufacturing fundamentals exam is a three hour, open book and open notes exam. It consists of 100 multiple choice questions. Exam questions are developed from the recommended reading.

A proctor is required for your exam. Your proctor can be a manager, supervisor, Human Resources representative, or a key administrator. They can also be a member of an SME chapter, staff at your local college/university, or at an library.

After applying to take the exam, you must secure a proctor and submit your Proctor Form and Agreement to SME at least two weeks before your scheduled exam date.

To pass the exam, you need to score a 70% or higher. After your exam is scored, you will receive official results by mail, which includes and Examination Analysis report that provides a breakdown of your results by knowledge area.

Upon passing the exam you will earn your Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Certification.

If you have questions or need additional information email us, complete an online inquiry form, or call SME Customer Care at 800.733.4763 or 313.425.3000.


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