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2014 SME President

Michael MolnarMichael F. Molnar, FSME, CMfgE, PE, is the founding director of the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, an interagency organization chartered by the White House and hosted at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This interagency team works to coordinate federal activities in advanced manufacturing, and is responsible for administrative initiatives, including design and establishment of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation — industry-led institutes for accelerating scale-up of new manufacturing technologies. Molnar also leads the NIST Advanced Manufacturing Office, established to serve as liaison to industry and academia and to manage new NIST extramural programs. Prior to federal service, Molnar had an industry career of more than 25 years with leadership roles in manufacturing technology, advanced manufacturing engineering, capital planning, metrology, quality systems, automation and industrial controls. Current SME involvement includes service as SME's president and membership on the Audit, Finance and Budget Committees. Previous SME roles included two years on the SME Member Council, with a year as Member Council chair; chair of the TCN Steering Committee; chair of the Automated Manufacturing & Assembly Community; chair of the Robotics Tech Group; and chair of the former Robotics International of SME (RI/SME). He often serves as a keynote or feature speaker at SME and other industrial conferences as well as local chapter events. Molnar's credentials include service as a White House Fellow and citations from the National Academy of Engineering. In 2008, he was elected an SME Fellow. Molnar received an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineers and a master’s degree in manufacturing systems engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a licensed professional engineer, a certified manufacturing engineer and a certified energy manager. Member Since 1982 

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SME Interim CEO

Bray_DennisDennis S. Bray, PhD, FSME, is president and chief executive officer of Contour Precision Group LLC. Prior to joining Contour Precision in 2010, Bray was the managing member of Bray Innovation Group LLC. Previously, he was president and CEO of Cincinnati Inc. and at one time served as its executive vice president. Bray was executive vice president and chief technology officer for Ingersoll International and served in various management positions with its subsidiary Ingersoll Milling Machine Co. He was elected to the SME College of Fellows in 2003 and currently serves on the executive, budget, finance and strategic planning committees. Bray previously chaired SME's former Manufacturing Enterprise Council (MEC) and provided leadership to the development of the Technical Community Network (TCN). Throughout his career, he has participated in numerous conferences and events for different organizations, serving in many capacities, including session chair, panelist, technical paper presenter and speaker. Bray’s honors include the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award and the Ford Foundation Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Member Since 1985 

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SME Interim Managing Director

Debbie HoltonDebbie Holton is interim managing director of industry and technology. Holton, a 22-year veteran at SME, brings a forward-thinking vision and an expansive strategic and technical understanding of the manufacturing sector and such key industries as aerospace, defense, medical, energy and transportation. Holton leads the group that produces and coordinates more than 20 manufacturing tradeshows and related conferences throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Additionally, she collaborates with major manufacturers, suppliers and leading industry organizations in identifying key manufacturing challenges and convening the vast SME network of members and technical experts to develop potential solutions. From 2012-13, Holton served as the NAMII acting deputy director of technology transition. She is a University of Michigan graduate. Member Since 2005

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SME Interim Managing Director

Jeannine KunzJeannine Kunz is the interim managing director of workforce and education at SME. Here, she leads a team dedicated to the ongoing education of the manufacturing workforce. Kunz is a recognized authority on professional development and training for the manufacturing community. Her vision and passion have put her at the forefront of workforce management issues – providing innovative solutions for companies, academia and individuals. Today, Kunz is focused on solving the skills crisis for advanced manufacturing. She led SME’s acquisition of Tooling U, the leading provider of online training for manufacturing. Kunz also spearheaded the launch of KnowledgeEdgeSM – an online book and video resource. She is frequently asked to provide her insights at conferences, events and caucuses across the country. Kunz also offers her expertise as a regular contributor to IndustryWeek, NPR Marketplace, Gear Solutions, and many others. She recently joined the Industry Advisory Committee for the College of Technology at Pittsburg State University. Kunz earned a bachelor’s in business and marketing with a concentration in economics from Eastern Michigan University and has served on EMU’s Alumni Board. She is also a member of ASTD and the U.S. Tennis Association. Member Since 2008

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