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Automated Manufacturing & Assembly Community

Rubocki Ray Rubocki is a manufacturing engineer-controls for Cooper Power Systems. Rubocki has been involved with designing, building, improving, maintaining, programming, documenting and operating automated machinery for various companies, including Rexnord, Johnson Controls – Battery, Infinite Systems, ABB Robotics, Kearney & Trecker and GAF. His automation projects have included robots, CNC machining centers, vision systems, industrial networks, PLCs, computers, pneumatics, hydraulics, motor controllers, spray systems, welding, material handling and assembly. Rubocki earned his BS in electrical engineering technology from Bradley University in 1974. He is the current chair of the AMA Community and former chair of the Robotics & Flexible Machinery Tech Group. Member Since 1984
Curry Jim Curry is CEO of OpStat Group Inc., which he founded in 1986 to provide operations process improvement, IT planning and modeling expertise. Curry has developed a lean methodology that has been implemented by large global companies to achieve operational savings and improved asset utilization. His simulation work includes models of complex manufacturing plants making large numbers of products and global supply chain models to analyze lead times and inventory levels. Curry is also an associate professor in the graduate engineering program of Fairfield University teaching courses in supply chain design and lean manufacturing using simulation modeling. He is the former chair of the AMA Community and current chair of the Simulation Tech Group. Member Since 2005
Burstein Michael C. Burstein, PhD, EMCP, CEI, is president of T.I.P.E. Inc. Through his company and other professional activities, Burstein has interacted on a continuing basis with major players in concurrent product development. These have ranged from pioneers of product development at software companies like PTC, MatrixOne and SDRC to technology gatekeepers and entrepreneurs at leading implementers, such as Ford Motor Co., Deere & Co., General Motors, International Truck and Engine Corp., The Boeing Co. and Harley Davidson Motorcycle Co. Burstein has served on the SME Board of Directors from 2008-10. He is the former chair of the Product & Process Design and Management Community and current chair of the Computer & Automated Systems Tech Group. Member Since 1995
Clark Robin Clark is co-founder and partner at the Quantitative Modeling & Training Group, which offers advanced simulation courses as well as coaching services. At QMT, Clark is an ExtendSIM simulation instructor, model builder and block-level developer. His primary passion is teaching and mentoring students. In addition, Clark has developed several Web-based and face-to-face simulation courses, including graphical simulation databases, simulation development environments, rate-based modeling and simulation modeling for health care. He has a BS in physics and an MS In management science. Clark is the former chair of the Simulation Tech Group. Member Since 2009
Davis Kelly Davis is a senior operations & engineering manager at Trebor International Inc. (a unit of IDEX Corp.). During his career, Davis has held positions in engineering, operations and as a consultant. He has been able to utilize his knowledge, skills, and abilities to drive growth and profitability in a variety of business types and industries. Leading teams at all levels of organizations from kaizen events on the shop floor to strategy development. Davis attended Utah Valley University where he studied technology management. He also is certified as a six-sigma black belt, level 2 lean practitioner in project management and supply-chain management. Davis has held various positions for the Salt Lake City Chapter 85, including chapter chair in 2010. Currently, he is chair of the AMA’s Semiconductor Tech Group and membership chair for Chapter 85. Member Since 2005
  William Egert is vice president of engineering for Logic One Consulting. Egert has a BS in engineering from Southern Illinois University. He is a member of IEEE's Robotics & Automation Society. Egert is the current chair of the Robotics & Flexible Machinery Tech Group. Member Since 1984
Member Council Liaison
Cary Rosenberg Cary J. Rosenberg, CMfgE, is a global supplier quality and development manager for Watts Water Technologies Inc. The company designs and manufactures valves and related products in commercial, residential, industrial and municipal applications. Rosenberg is responsible for a large supply chain of more than 11,000 suppliers, with an active part number list of 200,000 items. He monitors the supplier’s performance and works on quality issues, along with supplier risk management and sourcing/purchasing activities. In 2009, Rosenberg became a six sigma/lean green belt for Watts. He has worked for manufacturing companies in many market segments from appliances to lumber processing to heavy equipment, and presently in the water sector. Rosenberg has been published in three different periodicals: Engineering Casting Solutions, Design News and Lift Equipment. While in the heavy equipment industry (from 1996 to 2001), he worked for JLG Lifts, which was named a “1999 Best Plant” by Industry Week. Rosenberg has been in manufacturing since 1994. He is a former chair of the Student Relations Committee and Southern New Hampshire Chapter 327. Rosenberg was instrumental in starting the student chapter at Nashua High School South, one of the first active SME high school student chapters. He holds a bachelor's degree from Keene State College and a master’s of science in industrial technologies from Western Illinois University. Member Since 1993
Member and Industry Relations Manager
Gauthier Dolores Gauthier began her career at SME in December 1999 as part of the customer service team. From 2000-05, Gauthier was the association manager for SME's former CASA, EM, MVA and RI associations, and was the community relations manager for the Automated Manufacturing & Community after the associations transitioned to technical communities. From 2005-08, she worked as the director of special events at the Michigan chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and from 2008-11 was promoted to the national director for LLS Canada working with corporations, volunteers and staff to implement fundraising programs and acquire sponsorships to support the mission. At present, Gauthier is a member and industry relations manager and the liaison for the AMA Community. She has a degree in accounting and is currently working toward her CMA certification. Click to connect