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2013 Focus on the Workforce Editorials

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Engineering Resource Recruitment in Small Rural Communities
Don Rowlett, Senior Engineering Manager, Kennametal Inc.
December 2013

In today’s media, not a week goes by without the discussion of the critical engineering shortage occurring in North America. This phenomenon is definitely evident in companies within small rural communities. Full Article

Don Rowlett (Dec. 2013


Meghan Shea-Keenan

MfgDay Success: Inside Anthrax Vaccine Lab
Meghan Shea-Keenan, SME
November 2013

Oct. 4 was the second annual National Manufacturing Day. SME had promoted the national event to all our members and encouraged them not only to participate but to hold events and tours of their own on this day. Full Article

WiM: Keeping the Momentum Going
Allison Grealis, Precision Metalforming Association
October 2013

Nearly 12-million people work in the manufacturing sector in the United States. The current estimate of unfilled skilled labor positions in manufacturing is 600,000. We need to fill these positions to have a competitive manufacturing sector in the US. While women make up 47 percent of the total labor force, they make up only 25 percent of the manufacturing labor force (Deloitte 2013). Full Article

October 2013 Focus on WFD

September 2013 Focus on WFD

The Cedar Valley: Growing its Own
Britt Jungck, Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber, and Scott Slee, Chair, Waterloo Chapter 186
September 2013

As advanced manufacturing GDP continues to rise across the United States, and as baby boomers continue to retire in record numbers, the manufacturing industry has been the subject of frequent workforce development discussions and debates across the country. Full Article 

Focus on the Workforce - August 2013Baltimore Takes on Manufacturing Challenges
Mark Rice, PE, Maritime Applied Physics Corp.
August 2013

For those who were not paying attention to the recent election, manufacturing matters and the US has a manufacturing workforce problem, with several components. Full Article 

 FWD - July 2013     

Chicago Chapter Sets Example
Cheryl Balaban, Freelance Education and Technology Writer
July 2013

SME’s Chicago Chapter 5 is demonstrating how to develop the next manufacturing generation by forging creative partnerships with schools and businesses in the Chicagoland Metro Area. Their efforts are being headed by Bob Iossi, who joined SME in 2001 and became the chapter chair in 2006. Full Article

Focus on the WF - June 2013A Prime Example of PRIME Success
Bart Aslin, SME Education Foundation
June 2013

Thirty-three years ago, leading members of  SME created a vision that shaped the future — a vision that enabled a legacy of world-class manufacturing in North America. Because of their foresight, courage and love for the manufacturing industry, there exists an organization that continues to inspire, support and prepare future world-class manufacturers — the SME Education Foundation (SME-EF). Full Article
Jacob Hudson    
A CNC Rock Star is Born

Victor M. Cassidy, Industrial Journalist
May 2013

It’s amazing what these teenagers can do when they’re committed to doing it," says David Tuttle. "They’re not afraid of technology at all." Tuttle speaks from experience. He heads the Manufacturing Technology Department at Platt Technical High School. In June, Jacob Hudson, his star student, won a Silver Medal and a $1,500 prize in CNC milling at the National SkillsUSA Championships. Full Article
Joe MicallefManufacturing Gets Animated
Joe Micallef, ACE Clearwater Enterprises
April 2013

As manufacturers we all have a story to tell. At ACE Clearwater it began 60 years ago with Ray Wyckoff, a neighborhood handyman from El Segundo, Calif. Returning home from the Korean War, he found work as a welder, which landed him a job making igniters for Aerojet. At just 13¢ apiece, this humble igniter was the spark that propelled ACE into the future. From that moment on, ACE grew. Full Article 
 Barry Johnson    
Climbing Higher in Virginia
Barry Johnson, University of Virginia, and Katherine DeRosear, Virginia Manufacturers Association
March 2013
Workforce development is arguably the most significant drag on the country’s advanced manufacturing sector.  We’re exploring a new workforce model in Virginia, however, that could give the sector the lift it needs to gain altitude.Don’t get me wrong. Advanced manufacturing is by no means stalled. While the US is likely to continue losing labor-intensive manufacturing to low-wage regions of the world, it maintains a leadership position in specialized, highly technical production of next-generation materials and products. Full Article
Beth LoveUsing FIRST and Additive Manufacturing for Workforce Development
Beth Love, Hardin Valley Academy
February 2013

The future of U.S. manufacturing is evolving rapidly. This presents educators like myself with a fundamental problem: How do we develop tomorrow's manufacturing workforce? One possible solution has emerged in the community that, 70 years ago, secretly manufactured the materials that won WWII: Oak Ridge, Tenn. Full Article
 Mark Tomlinson    

Falling Off the Cliff Isn't an Option
Mark C. Tomlinson, CMfgE, EMCP, SME
January 2013

We are hearing in the daily news about the impending fiscal cliff. All of us know this problem needs to be solved quickly if we are going to stay on the path of economic growth. If not resolved, all the good work that has been accomplished around workforce development in 2012 will take a backseat to real economic and financial worries, which will ultimately affect our manufacturing vitality. I am hopeful that a solution will occur soon and manufacturing’s workforce gap will be the focus once again. Full Article