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Focus on the Workforce - April 2014

Programming Creativity at Missouri Southern
Elke Howe, Department Head, Engineering Technology, Missouri Southern State University
April 2014

When a university instructor comes up with a way of encouraging her technology-bent students to learn machine tool programming with creative classroom projects, it’s worth talking about. And, when those projects are also tied to the educational benefits of an internationally recognized organization’s student chapter, the conversation reveals a whole new level of opportunity. Full Article

Sherif El WakilThe Proper Approach for Designing Curricula: Keep Industry Needs in Mind
Sherif El Wakil, Chancellor Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, and Kareem El Wakil, Senior Management, Siemens AG
March 2014

Because industry is the prime employer of university graduates, a strong university/industry relationship is vital to both groups' success. Designing curricula that do not effectively leverage this relationship can yield graduates who do not measure up to employers’ needs. As a result, the initial training periods have to be increased to compensate for entry-level skill gaps. Full Article  

February 2014 Focus on the WorkForcePreparing Future Engineers for Day One on the Job
Chris Kahlich, ARC Specialities
February 2014

Finding the right engineer with the right skills is often a difficult feat for companies in the advanced manufacturing Industry. Even harder to find are welding engineers ready for automated welding applications in manufacturing. Many engineers graduate from college unprepared for the real world demands of a specialized field. Full Article

Jan. 2014 Focus on the WorkForceTrends in Workforce Development
Jeannine Kunz, SME
January 2014

A new year is upon us, bringing great optimism and opportunity for the manufacturing industry. The ticking clock, however, reminds us we are closer to the end of the decade when a perfect storm of a limited employee pipeline, a retiring workforce, reshoring and the changing pace of technology is expected to place even greater labor demands on manufacturers, challenged by an already slim supply of skilled workers. Full Article