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SME is partnering with the Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs).  Housed at universities nationwide, IACs perform no-cost energy assessments for small and medium-sized manufacturers. The assessments are done by teams of students with supervision by a professor. Since the program’s inception in 1976, IACs have performed nearly 16,000 assessments making more than 118,000 recommendations. This has resulted in energy savings of 580 trillion Btu totaling more than $6 billion dollars. 

What is meant by the term industrial assessment? An industrial assessment is, quite simply, an in-depth assessment of a plant site; its facilities, services and manufacturing operations. This term is used to refer to a process, which involves a thorough examination of potential savings from:

• Energy-efficiency improvements.
• Waste minimization and pollution prevention.
• Productivity improvement.

SME is working with the Department of Energy to broaden the manufacturing experience for the IAC ultimately benefiting industry and students. SME student members, under the guidance and supervision of the faculty advisor, collaborate with IAC students during their assessments of small and medium-sized manufacturers. This is a new and beneficial opportunity for SME student members to participate in real-world work, to gain valuable experience, lend our manufacturing expertise to the assessment process, and establish new industry contacts for future projects and research.

IAC Forum
The IAC Forum Student and Alumni website provides a convenient way for all current and past IAC program participants to communicate and share ideas
with each other. This website also serves as the central location for recruiters and those companies seeking IAC energy experts to connect with current
students and alumni.
IAC Students
Students performing assessments at various locations.
DOE Scholars Program
The DOE Scholars Program introduces students or recent college graduates to DOE's mission and operations. As a participant in the DOE Scholars
Program, you will have a competitive edge for familiarizing yourself with DOE functions, while showcasing your education, talent and skills.

SME Student Chapters currently engaged in IAC work:


IACs currently partnered with SME:


For more information about Industrial Assessment Centers, please visit can connect at the IAC Forum Student and Alumni website.