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CVD-Grown Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Products Now Being Supplied

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LAFAYETTE, Colo., November 9, 2012 — RMI Infrared is now supplying chemical vapor deposition (CVD)-grown zinc-selenide (ZnSe) products to the optics and laser community. RMI Infrared says it was created for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing the highest-grade ZnSe material and finished optics for CO2 laser OEMs, aftermarket distributors and laser job shops.


RMI Infrared (ILC News Item 11-30-12)

RMI Infrared's lenses and coatings are optimized for 10.6 µm wavelengths, offer very low absorption, have a high damage threshold and are durable, long-life lenses. Finished optics for CO2 lasers and raw ZnSe material are in stock and ready to ship per customer specifications. 

RMI Infrared and Rocky Mountain Instrument are both based in Lafayette, Colo., and employ more than 100 local employees.


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