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Manufacturing Booming in Texas

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OXFORD, Mass., October 30, 2012 — There is a buzz going around the business community in Texas lately, and it appears to be spreading from town to town as more companies take notice of the American Machine Shops Network and its manufacturing marketplace. Today the trade association and promoter of U.S.-made goods introduced its newest members offering laser plastic machining, laser cutting, CNC forming, precision sheet metal cutting, metalforming, powder coating process, press braking, CNC machining, metalworking and other custom manufacturing services.

Bob Martinez, spokesperson for AMSN, said the company had increased its efforts to bring businesses together in Texas for the trade of quality metal fabrication, prototyping, mold making, Swiss-style machine work and other services with emphasis on the markets throughout Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Garland, Plano, Corpus Christi, Arlington, El Paso, Fort Worth and other cities and towns across Texas. According to Martinez, 1,152 specialty job shops, foundries, molders, manufacturers and other vendors are now accessible on the AMSN marketplace approved by the company's engineering team and quality management specialists.

“Texans have long been proud of their State's history and entering into the Lone Star marketplace has proven to be a wise decision for the American Machine Shops Network and its 1,100+ manufacturers, machine/job shops and precision metal fabricators as well as other vendors,” said Martinez. He concluded, “ welcomes businesses, inventors, shop engineers and others all over Texas in need of plastic machining, quality metal fabrication, castings, Swiss machine products, prototyping, precision grinding and other services to submit an RFQ directly to pre-approved members and associates working with AMSN.”

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