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Cost-Efficient Manufacturing Practices for Military and Aerospace Products

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CRANSTON, R.I., September 18, 2012 — By adopting best practices from nonmilitary markets, and adapting them to defense and aerospace applications, military original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can accelerate the reengineering process and reduce the time it takes to realize the cost reduction benefits, according to a new management brief available for download from Federal Electronics.

Outsourcing of manufactured products at all levels has been an integral part of commercial and industrial OEM supply chain strategies for literally decades. But only recently has it gained traction with military contractors. To avoid an array of issues that may hamper outsourcing efforts, the brief, titled, “Cost-Efficient Manufacturing for Military and Aerospace Products,” recommends a series of common practices that promote cost efficiency and process agility, including:

  • Establishing outsourced product transfer procedures that build upon the current state of the manufacturing process.
  • Implementing product/process documentation programs that promote collaboration in the supply chain. Opening reviews of new designs to key suppliers as early in the design phase as possible.
  • Identifying noncritical, high-labor content elements of the product and introducing low-cost region manufacturing into the supply chain.
  • Selecting an EMS provider that straddles the line between military and industrial applications.
  • Accentuating current supply chain staffs with individuals whose skill sets were honed in the commercial, industrial and medical environments.

According to the brief, prime contractors, tasked with wringing costs and delays out of their product development and fulfillment processes, will continue to harvest proven, best-in-class practices from non-military OEMs. Expanding the use of outsourcing methodologies with a properly aligned and sized supply chain will provide significant opportunity to achieve the levels of cost reduction and business process acceleration that are required to support defense and aerospace customers in the future, the brief states.

Click here to download the new management brief.

Source:, © 2012, Rock Hill Herald Online


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