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Take Back Manufacturing … to North America
The Take Back Manufacturing team from SME Canada will explain how we must all work together to revitalize our North American manufacturing sectors and return them to the economic powerhouse they once were.

The latest expert economic outlook is that localized manufacturing close to our consumer base can be much more competitive than the existing globalized manufacturing approach.

This updated outlook will result in decisions to reshore products and site manufacturing for the next generation of products for the North American market in more localized manufacturing facilities with an integrated supply base.

This will also offer the opportunity to use this strong manufacturing sector as an incubator for all forms of innovation to accelerate us toward a balanced economy within the Americas that can integrate such a strong knowledge, service and manufacturing base for maximum competitiveness and prosperity.

We as industrialists and engineers must be ready for this resurgence of manufacturing in North America with the knowledge, skills, capacity, technology, infrastructure and a strong implementation Roadmap to support this direction.

We will explain the TBM Roadmap to undertake such a journey.