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Dear SME Member:

This announcement is to introduce you to SME Connect — members-only network. In this members-only area, every member has an online profile based on his/her membership data stored in SME’s database. The profiles are synchronized with SME’s searchable member directory. You can communicate with other members through personal messages, or with a chapter, Technical Community and/or tech group through online discussions or post a blog.You can also share files in the online libraries.

Who can use the members-only area?

This secure environment only allows access to:

  • SME members
  • SME staff
How do I login?
Your website login is all you need. A single sign-on has been developed to make the use of the site easier. You only need to login once to gain access to and the members-only area of

Don’t wait ― start now

Simply follow the instructions below to login. Once you’ve logged in, we encourage you to:

  1. Update your profile. Note: You can "grab" your LinkedIn profile to help complete your profile.
  2. Upload a profile picture (if you wish, your photo can also be "grabbed" from LinkedIn).
  3. Edit your privacy settings.
  4. Subscribe to a discussion group or adjust your subscriptions.
  5. Search and find other members to communicate with.
  6. Start a conversation, post a message or share a file within your chapter, Technical Community or tech group.
Logging in to

1. Go to to login.


2. Enter user name and password.


3. Click on your name [View Your Profie]. Note: For those who are logging in to for the first time, you will need to accept the "E-Group Rules & Conditions" before you can proceed.

Login 3

4. Once you've clicked on your name, you will be taken to your member profile page; click on the "Edit Contact Information" link to update your contact information, if necessary. You can also use this link to make any changes/additions to your local chapter and/or technical communities/tech groups.

Login 4

5. After click on the "Edit Contact Information Link," you will be taken to your contact information, as well as your membership details.

Login 5

6. Under "View Your Membership Details" link you can update your chapter and/or technical community/tech group preferences.

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