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What is NAMRI SME?

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The North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME) brings together researchers from leading companies, government laboratories, academic institutions and industrial think tanks located around the world for the purpose of advancing the scientific foundation of discrete-parts manufacturing.

This group's work covers refining fundamental technologies and developing emerging technologies and processes for material removal and material forming, as well as research on manufacturing modeling, simulation, monitoring and control systems.

NAMRI/SME holds an annual technical conference at which members present and discuss their research results and work-in-progress. The NAMRI/SME Scientific Committee rigorously reviews all submitted research papers for this event and publishes the collective work as its formal Transactions of NAMRI.

A sampling of research topics include tool-failure characteristics, chatter and vibration, chip formation analysis, milling-cutting forces, five-axis and parallel kinematic machines, welding process modeling, high-speed machining, ploughing stresses, tool-wear compensation, fixture design and cutting fluid mist formation.


NAMRI/SME advances manufacturing engineering by promoting research and its application in industry. 


The North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME) shall be an institution functioning as an integral part of SME, designed to cooperate and coordinate with other organizations for the advancement of knowledge in manufacturing engineering through research and development. This institution shall also provide the means and methods whereby such knowledge is disseminated and whereby the needs of the manufacturing community are made known.

NAMRI/SME shall, among other things, promote and actively stimulate research, writing, publishing, and dissemination of knowledge within this field through cooperative efforts and an annual conference. This annual conference is to provide a forum for the active community of researchers whose works contribute to the furthering of manufacturing technology and productivity and for spokesman of the industrial community on technological needs. The conference shall be known as the North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC). It is intended that NAMRI/SME will carry on the tradition and purpose of the North American Manufacturing Research Conferences, which have been organized annually since 1973 by the Scientific Committee of NAMRI/SME.

Strategic Plan 

Goal A: NAMRI/SME will be recognized worldwide as the leading institution for advancing manufacturing research and its application.

Long-Range Goals

Establish NAMRI/SME special issues for SME archival journals
Better position NAMRC as an effective forum for industry/university interface (contact with industry)
Develop NAMRI/SME meetings outside of the United States (possibly with or sponsored by other international organizations)
Establish an award for implementation of research projects in the manufacturing engineering industry
Invite renowned worldwide researchers to give invited papers at NAMRC
Develop a marketing/communications plan in conjunction with SME to position NAMRI/SME as the leading research advocate

An increase in the number of:
Members from industry, industrial laboratories and international community, and renowned researchers involved in NAMRC
The existence of:
An awards program
The archival journal
International topical conferences

Goal B: NAMRI/SME will be its members' primary resource for professional development.

Develop an internal marketing/communications plan for members to:
Assess the needs and wants of members on a more frequent basis
Better communicate the broadening benefits of membership
Involve more industry people in working groups with research-focused members to ensure relevance in research and NAMRI/SME's activities
Increase peer recognition opportunities and activities
Broaden the focus of NAMRI/SME beyond a single forum or event (conference) by developing additional forums, meetings, networking, research and funding opportunities for members only
Create a process to stimulate and establish interaction among industry, government and universities
Work with SME to develop a sophisticated database of members and industry research information

An increase in the number of:
Hits on NAMRI/SME's home page
Forums and events for sharing research and funding opportunities
The existence of:
Electronic access to abstracts and information through the Web
A more sophisticated member researcher database

Goal C: NAMRI/SME will be the leading knowledge source for current research results and future trends in manufacturing.

Develop a plan to include NAMRI/SME papers in the Journal of Manufacturing Systems and Journal of Manufacturing Processes
Invite comprehensive review/future directions papers from experts/working groups
Develop electronic retrieval/index for NAMRI/SME papers
Create worldwide NAMRI/SME sessions in cooperation with other associations
Develop topical conferences/courses in collaboration with other associations and industries
Formalize a working group structure and interfaces to seek outside funding
Establish a NAMRI/SME newsletter
Create an annual "summit/critical issues" conference

An increase in the number of:
Media and organizational requests for information
Outside sources of funding
Collaborative relationships with other organizations
The existence of:
Electronic retrieval/index for NAMRI/SME papers
Worldwide NAMRI/SME sessions
Topical conferences