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List Rentals by SME Member Units

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The SME database is a central repository for data concerning members and customers of SME, in any form or format. This database is available to SME volunteer leaders to help promote member unit activities. These lists or rosters cannot be re-rented, resold, given away or exchanged with any other group, person, society, association or company without the permission of the SME membership director.

About the Data
  • The member data contained in this database may include information of a personal nature, such as name, address, date of birth, employment information, etc. It may also contain information pertaining to an individual's SME membership, such as years of membership, membership grade, offices held, etc.
  • Nonmember data or customer data refers to any person, company or organization that has an established business relationship.
  • Unit or units refers to any SME internal organizational entity formally recognized by the SME Board of Directors for the purpose of carrying out SME's vision/mission/purpose (e.g., chapter, Technical Communities, tech groups, etc.).
Corrections to the Membership Database
All additions, deletions and corrections to the membership database identified by the leaders of SME units, or their designees, should be documented and forwarded to:

Customer Care Department
PO Box 930
Dearborn, MI 48121

Or email