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Lean Educational Seminar Exceeds Expectations

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SAN MARCOS, Texas, April 30, 2010 — As the 2010 chair of Austin No. 211, I felt the chapter needed some “stimulating” educational events that would not only increase membership but also help retain members in this tough economy. We also wanted to raise funds to help support our chapter as well as Texas State University-San Marcos S147, our student chapter. For the educational events, we decided to focus on lean technology. Austin No. 211’s Vice-Chair Adil F. Dalal is a lean sensei and has significant international experience in lean, so he agreed to conduct the three workshops. The first workshop in the series — Creating Value or Producing Waste? — was held on April 30 in the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University-San Marcos. Although, we were expecting more participation, we did have 26 attendees, including professionals from industries as far away as Houston and a few faculty members from the university itself. The workshop also included a tour of the various manufacturing departments and laboratories of the Ingram School of Engineering. The overall satisfaction from the workshop was very high, and 100 percent of the attendees agreed that that their general expectations and learning objectives were met. Approximately 99.5 percent agreed that the workshop content could be applied in their projects. Following are some formal comments from the audience after the workshop:
  • “The class was extremely well presented.”
  • “Very informative. Very good program in detail and in examples. Gives a good grasp over the Lean Manufacturing 9 steps.”
  • “It was awesome to see how much improvement can be made with minor adjustment to a process.”
  • “Very great class.”
  • “The visualization of the MVSM information presented was great. Seeing the ideas implemented using hands-on simulations drove concepts home.”
Other benefits of the workshop were:
  • An increase in student members by almost 80 percent
  • Recruited four new SME members in the last two months
There will be two additional workshops held this year: Sept. 18 — "Lean Project Leadership™"Nov. 18 — "12 Pillars of Project Excellence™"
For more information on Austin No. 211, visit We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. Bill OsborneChapter ChairAustin No. 211


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