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Industry Achievement Award FAQ

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What is the Industry Achievement Award? 

Established in 2008, SME's Additive Manufacturing Industry Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding new product, case study or application that has resulted in making a significant impact on the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry. In addition, the award winner will have demonstrated a new or significantly increased benefit to the industry audience.

The award spans the additive manufacturing industry, including additive manufacturing, 3D printing, tooling, medical, 3D imaging and materials. We are searching for individuals whose superb technical work holds great promise to shape the next decades. Our goal is to recognize the development of new technology or the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems. 

How is the winner chosen? 

SME's Additive Manufacturing Community Advisors solicit specific information from each nominee. A distinguished panel of judges — manufacturing engineers, CEOs, industry consultants, OEMs and other additive manufacturing professionals — evaluate the nominees based on this information. The judging committee will select the final honoree based on these judgments.  

Who are the judges?

The award judges are experts within the additive manufacturing industry, outstanding engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs working in top universities and companies around the world. The list of judges changes each year, but the list is published with the announcement of the award winner. 

Does the award winner have to be from the U.S.?

No. The nominees can come from startups, large companies, government agencies and nonprofits, as well as from universities around the world. We encourage nominations from institutions of all types.

Who should be listed as references?

These should be advisors, supervisors, coworkers or colleagues at other institutions who are familiar with the nominee's work and who are able to describe the work and its importance. These people should be willing and able to provide a short (approximately one-page) letter in support of the nominee.  

What are you looking for in the nominee description?

This should be a 150-word summary of the technical work for which you believe the nominee deserves recognition, including an explanation of its impact, both within the nominee's field and worldwide.   

Can a nominator be listed as a reference?

Yes, however, we will request a separate letter of support for the nominee. If you feel the nominee description submitted online is a complete account of the candidate's work, and highlights the reasons you believe he/she should be considered for the award, please list a different reference.

Are self-nominations accepted?

No, self-self nominations are not accepted for this award.